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Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Hoping you all enjoy a little luck of the Irish today! (And drink more than a little green beer)

Sadly, I won't be drinking any beer. I'm at home with a sick 7-year old. Have a few (or more) for me, will you?

Good Luck Omens to Look for
on St. Patrick's Day

The Wonderful World of Longmire

1. You find a four-leaved clover while removing belly-button lint from your navel.

2. Green water is flowing uncontrollably from all water outlets in your home.

3. You notice a leprechaun's bloody shoe in your dog's mouth.

4. You hear an echoed voice saying "Manly, yes, but I like it too" while you're showering.

5. You follow a rainbow to its end and find a pot of steamin' hot Cheez Whiz.

(Click the link above to read the rest)

And of course it wouldn't be St. Patty's day without a few limericks :)

St. Patrick's Day Limericks
by Tinbender

A lass, one beautiful morn,
Fell in love with a male unicorn,
She purchased a spell,
Recited it well,
Now she's with him with hooves, tail, and horn.

A man, while drinking Light Bud,
Crashed his car with a sickening thud,
The car that he hit,
Had a warlock in it,
now he lives as a frog in the mud.

A man, while drinking green beer,
Felt a tail push out of his rear,
The changes weren't done,
As he started to run,
And went into the woods as a deer.

He carefully recited the verse,
To halt his dread werewolf curse,
He didn't do well,
As you plainly can tell,
For now his curse works in reverse.

posted by Tawny Taylor at 8:27 AM |


Commented by Anonymous Tinbender:

It's amazing where my limericks show up : )

11:03 PM 

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