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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Late Nights with sick kids

Being up late at night with a sick kid is no fun. Pacing the floor, carrying a child who can't sleep because of the pain of an ear infection, is something I consider a rite of passage for all parents. Aren't too many who get away without having to go through that misery at least once.

It's funny, but it's often in those wee hours of the morning, while I'm cradeling my sleepy baby in my lap, my eyelids at half-mast, my brain muddy, that I have my best writing revelations. Not that I look forward to when I have a sick child because I don't. But while I'm awake, my mind tends to wander, since it's dark and quiet. I often think about my work in process, mull over a problem I'm having. And very often the answer comes to me in a flash of inspiration.

There's only one other place where I've had those kinds of inspirations strike--in the shower.

Any writers want to share when they most often have their "Ah-ha!" moments? In the bath tub? While driving to work? On the subway? I'd love to hear.


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