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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Pet Peeves

As expected, last night's book club meeting was terrific! We had a "special guest", Scott Carpenter, of romantica fiction and cover art fame. What a great sport! He fielded questions like a pro, and even pitched out a few for us to answer.

Scott--can't wait to read your erotic-shape-shifter-alpha-vampire-bondage-comedy!

Everyone shared their likes and dislikes. Female-on-female activities in the bedroom was one of the top ones. Submissive heroes. And overall lack of story too. We all agreed what makes a yummy hero for fiction would make a not-so-yummy hubby in real life. Fiction is fiction. Fantasy.

Me--I'm a girl who doesn't enjoy reading long paragraphs full of repetitive angst. Not a fan of submissive hero. Ick.

Anyone want to share their dislikes in fiction?

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