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Friday, March 31, 2006

Toddlers in restaurants

Why do we do this to ourselves?!

Just because we never go out, we decided last night to take the kids out to a restaurant. Can you say NIGHTMARE? Okay, it could've been worse (I suppose). But it was far from the relaxing, enjoyable evening we'd pictured.

Our youngest, Jacob, isn't quite two years old yet. But he's well on his way to full-fledged "Terrible Two's". What can I say? He's advanced. LOL He was squirming and whining before the waitress made it to our table to take our drink orders. Why we didn't just get up and leave is beyond me. But we decided we'd tough it out. We were determined to sit there and eat our meals. Thank goodness the other kids were good so we only had one causing trouble.

Long story short, the seven year old and my hubby ended up with Coke all over them, the hubby didn't get to eat his dinner until after I'd finished mine and we vowed to NEVER do that again :) Oh, and my hubby has hopes that one of our children will indeed someday be a starting pitcher for the Detroit Tigers 

Sometimes we're too stubborn for our own good. Bull-headed. That’s what my grandmother used to call me. Being the woman she was, she said it with all the love she had. The woman adored her grandbabies. But she was right. I am bull-headed. And I believe it is/was that bull-headedness that has carried me through the trials of becoming a published author. I’ve gotten plenty frustrated over the years, still do. But it’s my blind determination to not give up that’s gotten me where I am--which I admit, isn’t so far...yet.

So here’s to bull-headedness! It’s an asset in this industry. Sharpen up those horns...and charge!

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Commented by Blogger Lauren Dane:

Two words - take out. Our 20 month old isn't nearly as bad as the 4 year old. The 8 year old is great but I still can't eat without hurrying and worrying and my husband just says, "give us the check" right when we get our food in those rare cases when we do go out to eat as a family. Most of the time, we pick it up and eat it here.

7:17 PM 

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