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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Villains and Van Helsing

I'm going to shift gears today and blog about something that might seem unrelated to writing, but actually isn't.

I admit, I'm WAY behind the times when it comes to movies. I have a house full of kids. My DH and I don't get out by ourselves but maybe a couple times a year. And when we do, we don't go see movies. We don't share the same taste in movies, for one.

And because our televisions are always tuned to PBS Sprout or Nic, I don't even get to watch movies on cable. HOWEVER, I just made a new discovery :) I'm a total dimwit for not figuring this out earlier...but I can watch DVD's on my computer!!! Oh the joy!

What was the first movie I checked out at Blockbuster? Well, I was writing a vampire Van Helsing sounded like a good choice. Took it home, popped it in my DVDrom and off I was, swept away into the dark world of Dracula.

So, here's my question--anyone else think Dracula was the coolest, most fascinating character in the film? Or am I warped?

I admit, his methods were a little shaky, but his motivation was extremely compelling--who couldn't relate to a man who wanted his children to live? A man who suffered because he was "hollow" and couldn't feel love?

And OMG, I thought that costume ball scene was so sexy. (Are you all shaking your heads at me?) Seriously, Dracula was an extremely well-drawn character, IMO. He had a sympathetic motivation for what he did, which in many ways redeemed him. Would I ever want to meet someone like that in real life? Heck no! But for a fictional character, his depth and complexity makes for a compelling story. IMO his character MADE Van Helsing a movie worth watching.

I'm following a workshop right now on about romantic suspense. Allison Brennan is the teacher and is she doing a bang-up job! In the first session, she talks about the villain, his motivation. How it must be compelling and make sense. And it made think of Van Helsing, what the writer had done right in that movie. I'm ready to tackle my current project now, and create a villain who is complex and darkly intriguing. I can't wait!

Anyone else want to share a villain that stood out, lingered in your mind long after you finished the movie or book? I know I won't be forgetting Van Helsing's Dracula for a long time.

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