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Friday, April 07, 2006

I'm such a tease :)

I'm thinking today I need to introduce you all to Xur, the absolutely to-die-for hero of my upcoming release, STOLEN GODDESS. Xur is a man to lust after, IMO. He knows what he wants and he goes after it.

Available April 12, 2006 from Ellora's Cave

When Kylie Mannings answers the door on Halloween evening, expecting a couple of toddlers in pumpkin costumes, she quickly learns that Snickers bars don’t make the most effective weapon against kidnappers. In quick order, two thugs have her overpowered and unconscious. To her chagrin, she wakes up nude, tied to a bed, and the prisoner of a strange man. A very powerful, very sexy man who insists she’s his wife and some kind of goddess. Uh...hello? She’s pretty sure she’d remember a little thing like being married. And a goddess...puhleez.

If only she could convince her whip-wielding captor of his minor confusion.

Xur Phoenix has gotten his wife, the Goddess of Celestine, back at last. But much to his surprise, she claims she doesn’t know him. Whether her supposed memory loss is genuine or a part of another sexy role-playing game doesn’t matter. With her bound and helpless, a victim of her own darkest desires, he’ll refresh her memory in no time.

Unfortunately, with a killer on the loose, there’s bound to be a few more surprises for them both...


“You say you don’t remember me. So, I guess I have no other choice.” He stood next to her, too close. His gaze smoothed up and down her body like a sensual caress.

“I didn’t say I don’t remember you. I said I’ve never met…you…” She felt herself melting. Her body’s instantaneous reaction pissed her off and she was forced to explain it away in a rush of empty excuses to maintain her self-respect. Kylie Mannings was a strong woman. A woman with a backbone. A mind. She did not appreciate being treated like a brainless hunk of prime rib laid out on a hibachi. He stared at her breasts and her nipples tingled, sending little zaps of wanting down her spine. “Urgh!”

Yes, she had a mind. Even if her tongue was tied in knots at the moment and she was talking like a Neanderthal.

“I’ll simply have to reacquaint us,” he said, sounding—and looking—downright pleased. He licked his lips. She stared. He had nice lips. Full for a guy. They looked soft. Yummy. He leaned closer and ran a single fingertip down the center of her belly.

Even as she shuddered with desire, she growled, “Like hell you will. Don’t you dare touch me or I’ll scream. Loud.”

His chuckle sent shivers through her body, good shivers, the kind she hadn’t indulged in since Adam left. And the smile, well, that nearly put her in a coma. “I must say, I’ve never seen this side of you. You’ve always been such a…compliant wife.”

Her tongue sprung free of its knot. “What? Wife? Did you say wife?” she interrupted. Why would he think she was his wife? Was that what he was saying? No. She’d misunderstood. There could be no other explanation.

He frowned. She had to admit, the smile did a lot more for her than the frown. “Yes, of course I said wife,” he said. “We’ve been married for almost six years.” He leaned forward, closer, closer, closer, until his breath warmed her lips. He was going to kiss her? He thought she was his wife. Shouldn’t she try to correct him before he did something crazy, like lay those lips on hers? Yes. Yes, she should. “Don’t you remember me?” he asked. He blew a cool stream of air on her mouth and a rush of warmth blazed along her nerves. She closed her eyes and sucked in a gasp. “We’ve been very, very happily married,” he added. His lips brushed gently across hers in a light, teasing kiss. “Until you left.”

Her resolve crumbled. They’d figure out all that wife stuff later.

“Why’d you leave me?” he asked.

Good question.

“I know everything about you,” he continued. “Like how you love me to pinch your nipples…” While she lay shamefully still, he closed a forefinger and thumb over each taut bud and squeezed until she was near tears and her heart was skipping beats and her pussy was wet and hot and ready. “…like this and then kiss them.” He leaned over her and closed his warm mouth over one still stinging nub, taking away the pain with slow, lazy swipes of his velvety tongue.

Oh, she wasn’t lying so still any longer. But she wasn’t exactly trying to get away either.

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