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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Not one, not two but THREE great reviews!

Sorry we had no Manic Monday post yesterday. Blogger was being a big, fat meanie and wouldn't let me post :(

But today, I wanted to share some good news. I received three fantastic reviews yesterday! Let me tell you, as an author it's very satisfying when a reviewer "gets" your book. It doesn't happen all the time, so when it does, I'm thrilled. And when it happens three times in one day, I'm over the moon!

Anyway, here's a short snippet from each review and a link so you can read the rest. Enjoy!

The first one is for Immortal Secrets: Spells and Seduction. Thank you, Candy, for the terrific review!

5 Stars!

Tawny Taylor continues her Immortal Secrets series. She returns to her world of the Guardians of humanity. Ms. Taylor weaves steamy sex scenes and elaborate fantasies into her story. Malcolm is a delicious hero. Every woman will want a man just like him. Make sure your fan is in working condition before beginning this book. You will need it!

Link to read the rest: eCataRomance Reviews

The second review is also for Spells and Seduction, this one by Holly at Romance Reviews Today. A heartfelt thank you, Holly!

Tawny Taylor has woven a magical tale that's sprinkled with a ménage a trois and some bondage. Along the way, we learn a little bit about Malcolm and Rory while watching them fall in love. With Malcolm's deadline approaching, SPELLS AND SEDUCTION is given a bit of tension. The sex is hot, but the love burns brighter. Don't miss a spellbinding tale of magical love in SPELLS AND SEDUCTION.

Link to read the rest: Romance Reviews Today

The last review is for Stolen Goddess, my most recent release. Thank you, Talia, for the fantastic review! I'm with you on Xur. I want him :)

I loved Stolen Goddess! I thought Tawny Taylor’s storyline quite inventive and unique. What woman wouldn’t want their very own Xur? He can kidnap me any day and doesn’t even have to marry me! Kylie is a trouper and pretty easy going for a Goddess that has forgotten everything about her life. I enjoyed watching her feelings and memories evolve to include the love she and Xur had for each other.

Stolen Goddess by Tawny Taylor is just an entertaining read that thoroughly satisfied my romantic heart. I came away satisfied with a smile on my face! Great job Ms. Taylor, I think Stolen Goddess a winner!

Link to read the rest: Joyfully Reviewed

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Commented by Blogger Jen:

Fabulous! Great reviews. Congratulations.

7:06 PM 

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