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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Everyone's Blogging These Days

Just about every day I learn about a new publishing pro throwing up (ewww!) a blog (not throwing up, LOL) and inviting folks over for some fun. Who was the first, I wonder? Was it Miss Snark? I digress...

There are those who prefer to be anonymous: Crabby Cows, Evil Editor and the infamous Miss Snark. And then there are those who don't: Kristen Nelson, Deidre Knight (aka Knight Agency) and Jessica Faust. You take a blog-about and you're sure to find more. I just can't think of their names right now. But they're all dishing out their brand of advice. The anonymous ones tend toward the bust-a-gut hilarious while the non-anon are more seeeeerious. But they all present opportunities to learn.

What's happening where? I'll give you a rundown. Heck, I'll even do a mini-review :)

1. Evil Editor
Evil Editor is what I believe he claims to be--an editor. Whether he edits for a small inde publisher or a larger house is up for debate. But his answers to certain questions posed make me believe he is (or was) with a big house. Today he's answering some (if you ask me) really obvious questions ("What's a query?") but, regardless, there's fun to be had and if nothing else, you want to head over there to read the one about the poor guy in Poland who seems to be living in a grey box or something and can't buy stamps. Overall, Evil's blog rocks. He is extremely responsive (wonder if his boss knows what he's doing all day? Hee!), provides a much needed service by critting query letters, and makes you laugh until the tears are flowing. I give his blog an 8. Yay, Evil!

2. Crabby Cows
The Crabbies are three editors, two from the US and an editor for a magazine in Great Britain somewhere. Definite spew alert there. They are a RIOT! You never know what's coming next. Today, they critiqued a SPAM message and I about died. They've run several extremely helpful writing games--a first scene, Flash 500 and Micro 100. Their crits are sometimes very snarky and other times quite kind. But they always deliver helpful advice and feedback. They've recently slowed down the pace a bit, and we don't see much from Crabby #2 and Grouchy Goat, but this blog still rates a 9. I LOVE this blog.

3. Miss Snark
IMO, The Snark is an icon. In my internet travels, I haven't met too many writerly folks who haven't heard of her. She dishes out wisdom with a healthy dose of snark every day. Today, she's fielding a question about handshake deals with agents. I highly recommend this blog. It's entertaining and informative..................Whoops, sorry. Was distracted by something on her blog. 9

4. Kristen Nelson
I have to laugh at her subtitle: "A VERY NICE LITERARY AGENT INDULGES IN POLITE RANTS ABOUT QUERIES, WRITERS, AND THE PUBLISHING INDUSTRY" Yeah, I suppose she has to be polite, since she's not anonymous. LOL I'm quite certain she does want a career.

For those who don't know, Kristen Nelson is indeed a literary agent. I've queried her several times. She keeps turning me down :) Today (or rather yesterday), she blogged about Name Dropping, specifically, citing someone who is not a current client in a if that might help you. It amazes me what some of these agents/editors have to deal with. Can you say "Common sense?" Duh. So, her blog is tame in comparison, but it's still helpful and interesting. It also seems to be updated frequently. Being partial to snark,however, I give this one a 7.

5. The Knight Agency
To be honest, this one has a more "promo" feel about it than the others. The posts are short and are usually announcing an upcoming chat or client event. I rarely visit. It's not updated daily. It's a little "yawn", although Tuesday she posted about a chat with St. Martin's editor Rose Hillard (Friday, June 16). The chat itself should be informative. For details on the chat, click the link. My rating: 5

6. BookEnds (aka Jessica Faust)
This one is brand-spanking new. Jessica is co-owner (I think?) of BookEnds Literary Agency. I've submitted to her too. She turned me down :) Today, she's posted a list of red flags that indicate an agency that might be on the shady side. It's useful info for newbies. Yesterday, they had an interview with a client. It's too soon to tell if the blog will end up being more of a promo tool or a writer's resource blog. As it stands now, I'd give it a 6.

7. Jet Reid Agency
This one I discovered through Evil Editor. I haven't heard a lot about this particular agency, so I won't make a stupid ass of myself and question its reputation. They must be good. They're in NY. Anyway, they don't appear to post everyday (bummer) but the rejection letter from a rejected author is fun (see the "Does David Letterman..." post). I've wanted to write one of those but would NEVER have found the guts to mail it. A woot, woot to that author, LOL. He has some gonads :) My rank: 6

You see a theme here? I do believe that an agent/editor can be more helpful (and of course more honest) when they go "undercover" and hide their identity. I also think they're looking to the blog as a different sort of tool. Rather than using it for promo, they're using it to deliver information. And that I can appreciate!

Okay, so there you go. The dirt on a few of the more well-known publishing blogs out there. Happy Reading! And if you know of any publisher/editor/agent blogs, please put them in the comments! I'd love to check them out, maybe do this review thing again. It was kinda fun :)

Oh, and for bloggers, here's a great link on how to build traffic: Click Here

posted by Tawny Taylor at 8:56 AM |


Commented by Blogger Jen:

I was noticing some great reader blogs too. "Smart Bitches Trashy Books" is hilarious. I like "Snarkling Clean" too. Shelli Stevens mentioned a new one "Literary Sass".
Loved the review of the blogs. I like the anonymous blogs because they're snarkier and more truthful.

11:04 AM 
Commented by Blogger Stacy Dawn:

Yes, I frequent a couple of the ones you mentioned. The cows and the goat are riots!!

11:29 AM 
Commented by Blogger Lit Wit:

Thanks for the plug, Jen. We just started bitching about, uh, I mean reviewing books and ARCs over on Literary Sass.

And I agree, Smart Bitches are the most hilarious thing ever. E-VER. I especially love their cover snarkage.

2:51 PM 
Commented by Blogger BookEnds, LLC:

Thanks for the plug Tawny. Great blog! I just want to add that
the BookEnds blog will include posts from BookEnds agents
Jessica Faust, Jacky Sach and Kim Lionetti as well as our
clients. We're hoping to provide information about the
publishing world in general--fun facts, tips for everyone from
newbies to experienced writers as well as an inside peek into
our world.

And we're hoping to truthfully answer any questions people have
about publishing.

Keep coming back--we're shooting for a 10 the next time you rate

10:02 AM 
Commented by Blogger Gabriele C.:

There's another editor who has a LifeJournal (something like a blog). Anna Louisa Genoese from TOR. Worth checking out.

12:40 PM 
Commented by Blogger Tawny Taylor:

Thanks for the tip, Gabrielle! I love Anna G's journal. Haven't been there in a while. Will have to go take a peek and see what she's been up to...

2:00 PM 

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