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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Looks Can be Deceiving

Because I look like your typical suburban housewife, I take great pleasure in telling people what I write...and then watching their reactions. I've been fortunate. I have yet to have someone get really nasty or judgmental. Most people are a little surprised, but pleasantly so. And I've had a few suggest I write *their* story and then proceed to show me why...

I must say, kink runs amok in suburbia :)

Writers, have you had any interesting reactions from people when you’ve told them what you write? Unpleasant? Share! I’d love to hear!

posted by Tawny Taylor at 9:25 AM |


Commented by Blogger Jen:

My own reaction is the interesting part. I'm embarrassed to admit that I write. Because I'm not published, I feel that saying I'm a writer is pretentious.
Most people don't know what to say! "Oh, really?" LOL. I think most of them are afraid I'll launch into plot details or some selling pitch.

1:12 PM 
Commented by Blogger Tawny Taylor:

I felt the same way, Jen, before I was pubbed. Mostly because the first question people tend to ask is, "Are you published? Where can I get your book?" It's hard to explain the finer details of publishing to someone who has no clue (and could probably care less ggg).

1:53 PM 
Commented by Blogger Amanda Brice:

Most people seem to think it's pretty darn cool when I tell them tht I write because many have wnated to but have never gotten around to it.

But I have gotten some snide remarks when I say what I write. Not so much about the subgenre, but in doing so they unintentionally rip on the larger genre. I've explained that I write chick lit. After having to epxlain that it's not a brand of gum, they ask, "Oh, like Bridget Jones or Sex and The City?" After I nod, they then say, "Oh good. I thought you were going to say you write romance."


I also have to contend with telling people I write and then them totally forgetting about it entirely or remembering and wondering why they can't buy my books in Borders yet.


5:39 PM 
Commented by Blogger Silma:

I get the usual "Oh, you write chick porn" remarks. *shrugs* I answer, "Yep. Since husbands and bfs are so lousy in bed, women need to read chick porn to get an orgasm."

10:55 PM 
Commented by Blogger Shelli Stevens:

Wait, they proceed to SHOW you? LOL. Getting an interesting visual here.

Most people raise their eyebrows a little and go 'oh i see' Some immediately tell my I should write inspirational or bible lit. *shuddering now*

12:44 AM 
Commented by Blogger Stacy Dawn:

There faces tell it all then yes, all the questions. A non-writer doesn't understand the length of the writing process. The library moms (those that sit with me while we wait for our kids in the weekly library class) have asked me the next week if I finished the story which I had just started the previous week. LOL, sometimes it's easier just not to say anything.

7:29 AM 
Commented by Blogger Tawny Taylor:

Thanks for posting!

Stacy, a week?! Oh, God!

And yes, Shelley, they SHOW me...

But I always tell people what I write and I tell them with pride. I think it's cool, and they're gonna think it's cool too, or I don't need to waste my time talking to them :)

8:56 AM 

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