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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Blog Review Bookseller Chick

Time for my almost/kinda/semi-weekly blog review (won't commit to every week because sometimes I just can't find a good blog to review).

This is the blog of...guess...yep, a bookseller.

VERY interesting stuff in here.

As an author, I can't imagine a better head to climb into than that of a bookseller. They know your readers. Intimately, if they're doing their job well. They have some idea of what makes readers crazy in a good well as a bad.

A piece of advice: if you have books in print...will have books in print...or hope to someday have books in print, read bookseller blogs.

Looking at a few posts:

Friday, July 14th, she talked about sales of Trade paperbacks versus hardcovers. Interesting stuff, although nothing too shocking or exciting.

Thursday, the 13th, the title is "To Be Seen and Read." There's a mention of a chick lit writer, some opportunities for promotion. Oh, I've struck gold! Great advice.

Look at those links too! A whole host of new links to visit. I'm in blog heaven. Happy sigh.

Overall, I'm really liking this blog and I'm sure I'll be back. My rating: 8! Blog on, Bookseller Chick! I'm reading!

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Commented by Blogger Shelli Stevens:

I want to be in print someday, then I can get more involved with book sellers. But I've met a few on My Space too. They're great people.

1:12 PM 

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