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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Book Signing Fun!

Just for kicks, I thought I'd post some photographs from this past weekend's book signing. It was a HUGE hit! And I'm SO thankful to Diana Hunter, Mandy Roth, Rhyannon Byrd and Ann Jacobs for coming up. And I cannot leave out my pal Shelley, who came up from Florida for the book signing just because.

I look forward to doing it again very soon! And Shelley, we've got to have some more cake :)

And thanks to Debbie E., my favorite Canadian, for the pictures!

Debbie and Shelley being friendly :) OMG, look at me back there in the teal shirt. I need to suck in that gut! Or I need a girdle. LOL

Debbie and Rhy being silly. And me again. With my gut hanging out. ACK!

Here I am with Debbie. Suck it in, girl! Sheesh. It's no wonder I run from the camera.

Check out Diana over on the left. Looks like either Debbie or Ann did something yucky, LOL. But I swear that wasn't the case.

Final picture. Here we are, all lined up. I wanted to bust into the Cancan :)

posted by Tawny Taylor at 10:27 PM |


Commented by Blogger Diana:

LOL I was trying to lean out of the picture...didn't need to see me again in the frame!

I had a great time, gals sure know how to throw a party! You can count me in for next year, that's for sure!


12:16 PM 
Commented by Blogger Ali:

Great pics, Tawny :-)
And congratulations on your release :-) I'm getting my copy this weekend :-)

12:43 AM 

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