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Thursday, July 20, 2006

She's Got Legs...

A friend of mine has a release coming out and it looks fabu!

Check it out!

LOVE that cover!

SHE'S GOT LEGS (chick lit 7500 words)

When the Clock Strikes

Daria Wyatt didn't want to go to her fifteen-year high school reunion. Although she has blossomed from a wallflower into a powerful Capitol Hill attorney, she knew seeing those girls in person wouldn't exactly do wonders for her self-esteem. If only her younger sister Kara hadn't insisted she go. Giving in to shut her sister up, Daria borrows Kara's high heels in an effort to jumpstart her confidence. But in her rush to get out the door, she picks up the wrong pair, a butt-ugly purple platform creation with bright green sequins...

After Midnight

Greg McCauley can't believe his bad luck. He finally meets a beautiful, intelligent, intriguing, confident woman, but she rushes off before he can get her number. He knows he should put her out of his mind, but there's just something about her. Those lips, those eyes, those legs, those crazy shoes...

Rating: Tangy

Book Length: Bites
Buy Here:

Price: $2.00

posted by Tawny Taylor at 2:56 PM |


Commented by Blogger Babe King:

Woohoo, she's got a brain too. Give me an A for Amanda, or maybe an A+. You go girl.

9:37 PM 

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