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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

It's Confession Time

First, I confess, I couldn't think of anything earth-shaking to blog about today, so I'm posting a couple quotes from recent reviews of MARK OF THE BEAST. So far (knocking on my desk) this book hasn't been shredded by a reviewer. Then again, I've only seen three reviews so far. There's still plenty of time.

Here's the first, from Euro Reviews: "I highly recommend this book to any one looking for love, intrigue, suspense and erotic sexual chemistry. Mark of the Beast is the first book in the Animal Urges series. This book is a keeper on my shelf!"

What makes this review especially sweet is that it was written by a person who lives in Alaska (the setting of the book).

Second confession:I'll admit, I haven't traveled to Alaska. I relied entirely on information I found on the net when I was writing the book. The roads. The scenery. The locations of key buildings, the border patrol, etc.

An author who writes about a setting they haven't personally visited takes a risk of getting something "wrong" and having it kindly (or not so kindly) pointed out to them in a review.

BIG sigh of relief. Guess there were no glaring errors.

Second review (Romance Junkies):

"Action and adventure are staples in this book and the readers will find themselves in the middle of an amazing adventure. Love scenes are steamy with burning sensuality that readers won’t be able to resist. Tawny Taylor has done a marvelous job of penning a tale of excitement and passion that readers won’t soon forget."

Yay! More happy dancing.

Third confession: This novel was something of an experiment. I LOVE reading action-packed thrillers. Those tend to be slight on the side of romance and characterization, while being heavy on the side of whizzing bullets and bad guys.

In contrast, erotic romance tends to be heavier in the characterization (not to mention sex) and lighter in external conflict (plot).

Could I write something that melded erotic romance with on-the-edge-of-your-seat suspense, still keeping a touch of my trademarked "sassitude"? Or was that beyond my skills as a writer? And how would I maintain the sensual tension when the characters are dodging bullets?

There are other EC authors who are successful at such a balancing act, but that didn't mean I could.

Despite my insecurities, I had to try.

Was I successful?

So far, the reviewer votes are three "yays" and no "nays". I haven't received any comments from readers yet...waiting...wondering...hoping...

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