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Saturday, August 05, 2006

What are your passions?

Despite the fact that I’m an erotic romance author, I’m not talking about passions in the carnal sense. At least not this time. I’m talking about the things you do on your own time, the things that made life full and fun and thrilling.

Example: My 2-year-old’s passions are making messes and using my office chair as an amusement park ride. He does both as often as he can. His eyes sparkle with glee as he splashes in his spilled milk or spins round and round on my chair until he’s dizzy. Makes me *almost* not want to get mad at him .

I’ve always been the kind of person who either does something with everything she has, body, heart and soul. Or not at all. The things I love, I do with gusto--reading, sewing, writing...consuming ice cream. The things I don’t like so much--like cleaning house--I don’t do at all. Or at the very least, as little as possible 

Many of the characters in my books also have passions...and again, not just the carnal kind. They have plenty of those too, lol. I can name a couple heroines who are as crazy about ice cream as I am, one who is an animal lover, and one who is an eBay junkie. I think giving characters these kinds of traits makes them well-rounded and real.

So, what are your passions? Care to share?

Post a comment on my Saturday post on All-Ablog and enter to win a download of one of my books. I’ll randomly draw one winner Sunday August 6, no later than twelve noon Eastern US time.

posted by Tawny Taylor at 8:51 AM |


Commented by Blogger Jen:

I hate cleaning house to. Worst? Mopping floors. I am very remiss about that.
My passion? Reading. If I had a choice of how to spend my time, I would sit and read all day long.
I think that's why writing is also my passion.
I'm off to hopefully win a download. LOVE your books.

11:39 AM 
Commented by Blogger Elbie:

Hmmm... My passion is editing...yes, I love to edit. I love to write too, but I could edit all day long. I also love to paint, but I don't throw myself into it as much as I used to do. But I think my greatest passion is travelling, or daydreaming about travelling. There are so many places I want to go and see. So I guess that is my true passion.

6:18 PM 
Commented by Blogger crabbycows:

Sub offer on the blog for today only if you’re interested.

As I’m on a week’s holiday and spending it at home, a game is also on offer if interest is high enough. You’ll need to leave a comment if you want a game to run this week. The game will run from tomorrow until Friday.


5:13 AM 

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