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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What the F&%k is this?!

See what I find when I Google myself?

"Locating essential and good Tawny Taylor 39 S Mark Of The Beast Amp Tag Lines can be laborious. When we had a difficult think about this project we knew that we aimed to specialize in providing you the choicest places on the web for Tawny Taylor 39 S Mark Of The Beast Amp Tag Lines, we believe we have achieved that. Foraging for the best file on Tawny Taylor 39 S Mark Of The Beast Amp Tag Lines?"

The nearest I can guess, this site takes results of search engine search terms and inserts them into some kind of template. Kinda funny when you read the whole thing. Although "Tawny Taylor 39 S Mark of the Beast Amp Tag Lines" gets REALLLLLY long when you've read it a bazillion times. Wonder where the search engine picked up that "39 S...Amp Tag Lines" bit?



So, tell me, what's the strangest thing you found when you Googled yourself? Curious minds want to know...

posted by Tawny Taylor at 11:08 AM |


Commented by Blogger romblogreader:

Yeah, those are spam blogs. What they essentially do is send out bots to either steal content, or to find search terms and put them into nonsense mixed together w/ higher paying search terms. They make thousands of them (yay automation) and if they can skim off a handful of people stumbling onto their gibberish, then send them on their way to pay-per-click sponsors (usually, since pay-per-impression is all but dead)...they make cash.

5:57 PM 
Commented by Blogger Tawny Taylor: that means I'm bait???

ACK. The internet.

6:20 PM 
Commented by Blogger Jen:

I google myself and hey presto! There's my website and my blog. Same with my pen name. Thank God.

12:34 AM 
Commented by Blogger M.E Ellis:

I've googled the word Pervalism, and got insanely annoyed to find someone else used that word somewhere, and I click the link and can't find it.

REALLY bugs me.


8:03 AM 
Commented by Blogger Tawny Taylor:


I feel for you. I have yet to make up a word and not to find it somewhere on the 'net, even "protubering".

Pervalism is a cool word. When I hear it, I think of you.

8:44 AM 
Commented by Blogger Bernita:

That I was dead.
Wait, it was someone with the same frigging name...

10:50 AM 
Commented by Blogger Tawny Taylor:

Eeeek, Bernita!! That's an eye-opener :)

10:55 AM 

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