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Thursday, September 14, 2006

I Did My Civic Duty...

...and have the coffee mug to prove it.

Don't believe me?

Let me tell you about my day. I woke up an hour earlier than usual, got myself showered, hair curled, makeup applied, whatnot, to go sit in a juror's room for an hour this morning. When I walked in (5 minutes late! ACK!) and saw all those people, I was so sure I'd NEVER get picked. Especially when I heard they were only taking 6 jurors.

This was a good thing. My hubby was hoping I'd be home in a couple hours.

We were herded upstairs to the courtroom, read a bunch of legalese, and then the first six names were drawn from the fishbowl. Those poor folks are asked a bunch of personal questions. (Thank GOD I wasn't among that first batch! Some of the questions they asked those people...yikes! Plus I was so nervous, you would've thought I was on trial!) So, five out of six of the original jurors were eliminated (most of them for no obvious reason) and lo, my name was drawn, I wasn't asked much of anything, and then the lawyers and judge did their little huddle thing and announced the jury had been picked.

So much for my hubby's grand plans.

I spent the rest of the day listening to details about police procedures I'd never in a million years expected to learn. The weird thing--I actually LIKED it!

Am I weird or what?!

The other jurors were cool. The judge was cracking jokes (as we returned from breaks--not during the actual trial). And in the end, I sent him a "yellow note" (the system we had to use for asking questions) for kicks asking if we could have one of the coffee mugs that were sitting in a box in the jury's special room (whatever it's called).

So, there you have it! I learned some stuff I never knew before (like, jurors don't get all the pertinent details in a case), saw the legal system in action (judges and lawyers give such VAGUE answers to questions they don't want to answer!) and did something completely different from my normal get-kids-to-school-chase-baby-and-write-in-between-calamities thing.

I won't be called for jury duty for at least 12 months...bummer!

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Commented by Blogger romblogreader:

Did you get any "Love in the Jury Room" plot bunnies? ;)

12:30 PM 

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