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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Do You MySpace?

Do you MySpace?

This morning I logged into one of my MySpace pages to approve a couple of new online “friends”, and for the first time I noticed the statistics displayed on the right side of the window.

My Network has 120,676,000 plus members.

One hundred twenty million?

Is that possible? Are there that many folks on MySpace? Wow! Can’t really wrap my mind around that number.

I don’t have a lot of time to poke around, but I hear Cosmo (as in the magazine) now has a MySpace page. Walmart. And a Borders bookstore in California (they’re hiring, btw). It seems that MySpace, which was once an online hangout for teens procrastinating from pre-calc homework has become The Place To Be.

Do some searching and you’ll find authors Gena Showalter, Sylvia Day, Deidre Knight, Linnea Sinclair, Christine Feehan, and the list goes on. You’ll find industry professionals like Katherine Falk (Romantic Times magazine), New Concepts Publishing, Samhain Publishing and Fallen Angel Reviews. It’s a treasure trove of reader goodies. Their pages offer book trailers, blogs, excerpts, special online events and contests.

I’d love to know who those one hundred twenty million folks are out there. Do you myspace? If so, I’d love to “friend” you! Post a link or go to my pages and click “Add Me”.

For those who are curious, my MySpace pages are:

Friday at noon (Eastern Time) I’ll draw a name from those who either respond on this blog or “friend” me (make sure to mention Access Romance in your request) for a signed paperback copy of Sex and the Single Ghost.

See you at MySpace!

posted by Tawny Taylor at 6:00 AM |


Commented by Blogger Rashenbo:

Who doesn't myspace these days? I finally got around to making my own page. I happened to actually click the high school alumni link that appeared on my profile... I found several of my highschool friends had pages... and I had family members with pages. I just never thought to even look. It's certainly an easy way to stay in touch with folks. I was going to add one of yours to my friend listing... but I didn't know which one was your main one... and then myspace timed out. I guess I'll have to try it some other time!

4:35 PM 
Commented by Blogger Tawny Taylor:

It seems to be catching on all of a sudden. For once, I think I'm at the (sorta/kinda) beginning of a trend, not the end, LOL.

12:24 PM 

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