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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Food, Glorious Food!

One of the most common questions people ask me is how I manage to balance my responsibilities as wife and mother (of a fairly large brood) with writing. My answer is always the same: I prioritize. And I'm the first to admit that certain domestic tasks fall to the bottom of my priority list, including cooking.

I LOVE to eat. I love food. But if it's a choice of eating something scrumptious that takes forever to prepare or writing, I choose writing. It's not just a matter of economics, although that is a big part of it.

So, what do I cook?

Note: I cook a large enough quantity to last no less than two nights. That way, I'm only forced to cook three times a week.

Crockpot roast--take a hunk of meat, throw it in a crockpot along with some potatoes (don't even bother chopping them up anymore), carrots and peeled onions. Pour two cans of Red Gold brand Roasted Garlic and Onion stewed tomatoes over everything, cover and simmer for eight hours.

Sloppy Joes--Dump a pound of ground beef in a skillet and guilt-trip a teenager into standing there and stirring until browned. Then drain, return to skillet and add one can of Manwich, simmer for a few minutes.

Oven BBQ chicken--arrange raw chicken in glass baking pans. Bake for roughly an hour until juices run clear. Pour a bottle of BBQ sauce over chicken and continue baking for a couple of minutes. Pull out and serve.

There you go, three of my family's favorite meals. Easy. Cheap. And convenient.

Anyone else have an easy-to-prepare recipe to share?

posted by Tawny Taylor at 9:50 AM |


Commented by Blogger Nonny:

Oh, I hear you. I don't have kids, but with my fibro, it really isn't an effective use of time to stand there over a stove forever.

I do similar with the BBQ chicken, only I tend to use teriyaki sauce. (If you have a membership at a Costco/Sam's Club/BJ's/etc, they usually have huge containers of Yoshida's Gourmet Sauce... which is very, very nummy. And lasts forever. ^_^) Stick a bag of stir fry mix on a skillet with some wok sauce, make some rice, everything's good. Doesn't take too long at all. :)

The other thing I tend to do that's really quick is corned beef and cabbage. Stick the corned beef in the crock pot, add the cabbage when it's cooked, let simmer for an hour or so after that point. Yum.

1:58 AM 
Commented by Blogger Bernita:

Hmmm, one a bit the same.
Slice onions in bottom of casserole, layer chicken breasts, baby carrots, diced celery, throw some chopped onion on top, add a couple or three of packets of chicken bovril, a little water, cover, bake at 350 for a couple of hours.
I have a pasta pot dish and a chili pot dish and a stew that also lasts for 2-3 days - depending on the number of eaters.

7:42 AM 

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