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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Got Fangs?

After much thought, I finally decided on a marketing phrase/theme for next spring's Romantic Times conference. The winning phrase/theme: "Sink your fangs into this".

What's so important about a silly phrase? What's the point (no pun intended)?

There are literally hundreds of authors attending RT. I (like about 90% of the authors there) am a virtual unknown. I will not have a huge lineup at my table in Club RT or the bookfair. And my promo goodies will sit among the hundreds of other displays in the hallway.

To stand any chance of my stuff (and in essence, me) standing out from the crowd, I need a catchy theme. Vampires are huge right now, and although I don't currently have any vampire books out in print, I do have shapeshifter books out with Ellora's Cave, dragons (Dragons and Dungeons, Light My Fire) and bear shapeshifters (Mark of the Beast and Touch of the Beast). I also have two vampire books submitted to Kensington and another vampire series in the works with Ellora's. Yes, the theme will apply nicely to my upcoming books.

One of the things I love to do when I launch a new marketing campaign is set up a Cafepress shop. I recommend all authors set up a shop. They're free, and the coffee mugs, t-shirts, mouse pads and caps make fabulous contest prizes or gift basket goodies for conferences. No, they aren't cheap. But outside of doing larger print runs (usually limited to single-color printing), CafePress is one of the most user-friendly options out there.

So, here you go:
More products will be added at a later date.

And to keep it in the family, my oldest daughter is featured on the back of my new bookmarks (printed by, fangs on, chomping on a copy of Sex and the Single Ghost :)

Anyone else want to share some ideas for conference marketing? Yes, it's early. RT is still six months away. But with print shop lead times, it's good to get things going months ahead of time.

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Commented by Blogger Emma Petersen:

Hey Tawney! I'm not going to RT, but I plan on sending promo stuff. Most of it being the traditional promo stuff, bookmarks, magnets, pins, and that's about it! I'm trying to think of something really unique that will be eyecatching but haven't thought of anything yet. :/

1:57 AM 

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