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Thursday, November 16, 2006


I realize, as an adult, that this stuff shouldn't get to me, BUT...

I spent the last eight weeks (I missed a couple episodes) invested in a reality TV program, watching not once but TWICE weekly. And what happens? The wrong flipping person won the show.

Not sure what I'm talking about? Dancing with the Stars.

Don't get me wrong--Emmitt Smith is a terrific guy and a great football player. BUT he was NOT the dancer Mario Lopez was. Not by a long shot. Was he doing spins? Leaps? High kicks? NO! Because his body--a physique suited to athletics, not dancing--would not allow him to do such things.

But evidently the viewers don't care about dancing ability.

Same thing happened with So You Think You Can Dance, although at least in that case the winner (Benji sp?) could perform some of the moves. Emmitt can shake his groove thang, and he has a great smile, but those limited skills do not make a dancer. Just think if they did! What kinds of shows would we see on Broadway.

I doubt Mario Lopez will ever read this blog, but I'm going to say it anyway, "Mario, you are an AMAZING dancer. You deserved to win. And I hope you don't let this setback discourage you. DWTS was a popularity contest, and evidently a football star is going to have a larger fan base than a former kid star and show host. Keep on dancing!"

I am not totally frustrated and annoyed with reality shows. Why bother making the contestants do all this dancing stuff at all if true talent doesn't matter? Ggggrrrrr...

BTW,opposing opinions will not be met with snarky comments. I promise to bite my tongue :)

posted by Tawny Taylor at 9:55 AM |


Commented by Blogger Mary Winter:

Well, I didn't watch it this time, but I felt that way on the first season. The wrong person won. Alas....

12:30 PM 
Commented by Anonymous annalisa:

I so agree.....Mario should have won. It was a joy to watch him dance. I wonder if they chose Emmitt as the winner just so they could have a rematch?

2:15 PM 
Commented by Blogger WindLegends:

My youngest son, Mike, played football against Emmitt in high school down in Pensacola in the 80s. They went to college together so I know the young man quite well. He is a real credit to his family. He deserves good things in life because he puts forth a great deal of effort. Dancing is something most southern men do with ease but there is dancing and then there is ballroom dancing.

No, he is not the dancer Mario is. He doesn't have the limber moves that Mario has for two reasons: his power-driven athleticism and his non-Latino heritage. He just doesn't have the hip range and motion as does Mario.

I was thrilled with the winner of the first two seasons of Dancing with the Stars because my choices won. This time although I adore Emmitt, the best dancer didn't win although I knew he would.


4:23 PM 
Commented by Anonymous Debbie E:

OK! Don't hate me!!


I think it worked great last night. I was for Sara Evans at first because I love her and I think she stood for alot of working women but when she had to leave I enjoyed Emmitt's progress each week. It's not easy being twinkle toes.

Let's face it you build a bond with the people you like. My sister kept hounding me every week to vote online for her giving the excuse that her computer wouldn't let her. Ugh! I did.

She was for Mario and I was for Emmitt. I think Emmitt was an everyday kind of guy and probably would be voted least possible dancer by his friends and acquaintances. Let's face it football is not like dancing.

He is so charming and really made great progress and his smile could light up the world. He was approachable and gracious and he worked hard - now that's not to say the others didn't either.

Merio is great as well but he didn't have to come as far as Emmitt in my opinion. I think he could move probably since he was born. hehe!! I also enjoyed him but I always root for the underdog and I never saw Mario as an underdog. And lets face it in a popularity contest each week - Mario was it.

The good part is that I do that faithfully with everything. So when I find a new author - I stick like glue and when I bond with an author - I support her 150% and I think Tawny you know that. Hugs to you!

It was great to see Emmitt's kids there and his wife and in fact all their families. What a proud out loud moment. Teach them they can do anything if they work hard enough.

I also really thought that Monique worked really hard as well.

5:01 PM 
Commented by Blogger Tawny Taylor:

Of course I won't hate you, Debbie! I'll always adore my friend from Canada, no matter what her opinions about dancers.

I realize, having a background in dance, my opinions are slanted. I see these programs as a DANCE competition. In dance competitions, the best team/individuals win. The ones who do the moves technically correct. The ones who attempt the more difficult moves. Cheery smiles and friendly dispositions don't do it. So, I guess I will either have to stop watching these programs or adjust my attitude, eh? (that was for you, Debbie *g*)

Thanks for sharing your opinions all! I'm all for friendly discussion and welcome differing opinions. No worries.

And Charlee, how cool is that?! Does Emmitt remember Mike?

5:57 PM 
Commented by Anonymous Debbie E:

I understand now why you think Mario should have won but I still say that Emmitt had to work hard to do what he did as well.

And Tawny,

Did you actually vote? Telephone/Online?

My sister tried the phone and when she didn't get through the first 2 times she gave up.

I think from the average person watching the tv without dance training - it takes a little bit of everything to win. I actually thought Monique was expected to do more because alot of people watch the woman dancing and the costumes are more visible on the woman.

Anyway, just my thoughts!

Then I read the post under it and was heartbroken. Somehow we have to control ourselves. That is ridiculous and you would think for North American to put up with that is outrageous.

8:01 PM 
Commented by Blogger Tawny Taylor:

I agree with you, Debbie! It is MUCH more difficult for the ladies in that competition. They have more complicated steps to learn. They basically have to dance at the same level as the pros paired with the men. I thought Monique did AMAZING! That standing-upside-down split thing she did...OMG! Was that crazy!

And if you're talking about the seal post on my blog, I'm with you there too. I didn't know they were still doing that.

8:10 PM 
Commented by Anonymous Debbie E:

Yes Tawny,

I was talking about that. It makes me very sad that humans can be so cruel. What are they thinking? I don't know how to channel my frustration to make it do some good.

Anyway, nice seeing your name here. I'll have to check up on you and see what's happening. I bought you latest release. It's in my Tawny mountain. LOL!!

9:44 PM 

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