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Monday, November 20, 2006

Marketing: Wonder what publishers do... launch a new author's book?

Sylvia Day posted a link to a Publishers Weekly article about ten brand new authors and their launch books. Under each title, was a brief list of the marketing the publisher was planning on doing. Some books would be launched with more standard marketing efforts--advertising in magazines, etc. Some would be launched with clever gimmicks. What sort of impact with these activities have on the books' success or failure? It'll be interesting to find out.

For our purposes, I'm only going to list the marketing, nothing else, hoping the publisher's ideas may spark some of our own. If you wish to read the entire article, you can find it HERE.

Title #1: Break-out strategy: Handpainted, locked wooden boxes containing the manuscript were sent to 10 key buyers, and Duffy mailed keys to the boxes only after speaking with buyers about the book; ads in Romantic Timesand PW Daily; radio giveaways *[TAWNY'S NOTE: THIS IS HUGELY CREATIVE! OBVIOUSLY, THE PUBLISHER HAS HIGH EXPECTATIONS FROM THIS BOOK]

Title #2: Break-out strategy: "What Would Venus Do?" column (written by the author in the protagonist's voice) running in Affaire de Coeur magazine; ads in NYTBR, Romantic Times

Title #3: Break-out strategy: Mailings to romance publications and major metro dailies

Title #4: Break-out strategy: "Immortalize Your Friend in a Book" contest; video trailer on YouTube; podcast excerpt

Title #5: Break-out strategy: Spa getaway sweepstakes; meetings with librarians; mailings to key romance bookstores and readers' groups; regional book signings; RWA speaking engagements

Title #6: Break-out strategy: Sample chapters given to vacationers on cruise ships in the Caribbean in January and February; ads in Romantic Times

Title #7: Break-out strategy: Online marketing campaign; ads in Romantic Times

Title #8: Break-out strategy: Ads in Romantic Times; author appearances at RT Booklovers Convention (April '07)

Title #9: Break-out strategy: Special sales promotions and co-op; ads in romance publications; targeted marketing to romance blogs

Title #10: Break-out strategy: Linked packaging on each of the books in the trilogy; excerpts in books from others in the series; galleys to romance reviewers

So, you can see, for some books, the publisher is pulling out the stops and for others, they're taking a more traditional approach. It's difficult to weigh the true impact of any marketing on a book's sales, but you might get a general feel for how much hype has been built up.

I wish all of these authors success with their launch books!

And I hope you all get some great ideas for future book releases. (I'm loving the locked box thing!) The days of writing books, handing them to publishers, and then disappearing into your cave are gone. To be successful, it's becoming more important for publishers and authors to work as a team. Especially for launch books.


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