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Friday, February 16, 2007

March is Small Press Month

Today, many authors are published by small/inde presses, whether they're epublishers or print. As one such author--who would have spent many more years struggling to make her first sale if it hadn't been for smaller houses--I'm all for supporting inde presses. They offer growing, viable markets for authors whose work might not fit within larger houses.

Let's hear it for the little guy! Yay!

I'm no publishing pro, but my limited understanding of the business makes it clear publishing is a treacherous world, especially for the smaller companies. Much like the sea, it's either sink, swim...or get gobbled up by one of the bigger fish. So, when I hear of a way to help my small press/inde houses, you bet I'm going to do what I can. Are you with me? Want to know what you as an author can do?

At This Site, I found a list of thirty-one things a publisher can do to help gain exposure for their company. I'm going to copy and paste a handful. I recommend you head to their site for the complete list.

Yes, these are geared toward the publisher, but I can see some potential for authors as well. Hope they help spark some ideas!

1. Contact your local bookstore or library and suggest they put together a special display for National Small Press Month. You can obtain posters from: Small Press Month Coordinator, PMA, Independent Book Publishers Association, 627 Aviation Way, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266; 310.372.2732; Orders come in units of five.

2. Suggest that your local bookstore offer a discount off Small Press titles this month. Offer a special discount on all of your titles.

3. Hold a seminar on "How to Get Published" or on a subject related to your books. You might wish to cooperate with other small presses in your area to get this event off to a roaring start. You might wish to charge a nominal fee for the seminar.

4. Contact the Book Review editor at your local daily newspaper about any events that you plan. Also speak to the Features Editor. The Business Editor is usually interested in a successful publishing story.

5. Send PMA a list of participating bookstores and libraries. PMA can send them publicity and display material.


March 1st is just under two weeks away. That gives us all some time for planning. What am I going to do to help keep the little fish afloat?

*I've done number four.
*I just scheduled an event today to take place at my local library in May.
*I'm looking for a venue to offer a seminar on writing romance, and intend to include a lengthy list of small/inde publishers in the material I will hand out.

That's just the beginning. I want to do more, and I will.

What about you? Anyone want to share their thoughts, plans, ideas?

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Commented by Blogger Liane Gentry Skye:

Tawny, I bumped into your blog while searching for something else, and I may never find my way back, but I wanted to let you know that I found Sex and the Single Ghost a delightful read. Devoured it in two sittings. :)

10:55 AM 

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