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Monday, February 05, 2007

New Epub Opening its Doors

A friend of mine has launched a new epublishing company, Calderwood Books.

From the site:

Every year there are many more enjoyable books written than published, and the public deserves a chance to read them. The ebook world has a near-infinite capacity that print publishing lacks. We have no limits on the number of publications per year, except those placed by our human strength. Calderwood Books chooses its books because they are enjoyable reads, not because they fit marketing profiles. We welcome cross-genre books and those that don’t fit into whatever is the current print-publishing fashion. Don’t form expectations about what you will find here. There is bound to be something unexpected. What we do guarantee is that our books deserve to be read.

About the company:

Calderwood Books was born from Joy Calderwood's passion for reading good books, and from a conviction that there are far more good books being written than are actually being published.
The publishing world being what it is, we at Calderwood Books wanted to form a flexible, interesting company that would actively seek out new and established authors.
We hope that soon people will come to Calderwood Books when they want to find a book that both stir passions and are entertaining. We think that if you're not passionate about what you're reading or writing, you're doing something wrong. We're here to make it right! Sounds like a tall job? Let's work together to make it happen!

We're an approachable, reader and author friendly company. Joy is a reviewer and an editor, Jennifer is an author herself, and Christopher is an artist and a numbers man. We all love books and reading, and we're looking forward to offering what is 'weird and wonderful', as Joy puts it, because good readers deserve good books.


Calderwood Books is currently accepting submission in all genres of fiction and non-fiction.However, we do not publish poetry, children's picture books, erotica, or screenplays.We have no preferred wordcount but 50,000 is considered standard for e-books. We are interested short story anthologies and novellas as well. If you have a question, you may e-mail us.

Contract terms:

40% royalties on sales
e-book contract only
2 years with a reasonable buy-back clause in case the book gets sold for
paperback rights somewhere else.

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