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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Winter is Officially OVER!

I confess, I HATE winter.

Although I adore Christmas, and don't mind a little snow in late December, if I had it my way, we'd be back in the mid 60's after Jan. 1st. I spend the better part of four months of the year huddled under blankets, my laptop warming my lap, trying to keep warm. As is my luck, I live with a bunch of polar bears who like to live in a house colder than a meat locker.

Here in Michigan, the official first day of spring doesn't guarantee pleasant weather. For the next six weeks or so, we’ll get a mixed bag of rain, snow and sleet. One day it might be in the mid 30's, the next the mid 60's. But those occasional glimpses of fair weather make it slightly more tolerable.

Spring is here! Halleluiah!

The wonderful feeling of the sun warming my face. And the sweet scent of flowers and grass! And the sound of twittering birds.

I am so ready for spring.

posted by Tawny Taylor at 8:23 AM |


Commented by Blogger Barbara V:

Me too. I can't wait until it get warmer here in CT

4:54 PM 
Commented by Blogger Chantal:

I hate it, too. Today has been really nice here. My door are open, and we didn't even wear coats. Yeah!

6:43 PM 

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