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Friday, April 13, 2007


I hate being sick. *Dragging myself to the computer* Hi everyone. *cough, sputter, sneeze* This cold has knocked me on my butt. It's awful! My face is killing me and nothing's dulling the pain.

But I did have some good news this week.

I received a new book cover, and is it ever gorgeous! DROOL! It's the cover for my May print release, Animal Urges. I am so excited about this release for a few reasons:

  • Because it's a shapeshifter book-- a two-in-one that includes Mark of the Beast and Touch of the Beast. Outside of the Pocket anthology (Master of Secret Desires, June 2007) I haven't had a shapeshifter print book out from EC since Wet and Wilde (selkie).

  • Because it came as a TOTAL surprise, since I only found out a week or so ago that it would be coming out in print.

  • And finally because EC's doing this special promotion where this book, along with a handful of others, will be launched at a special book signing in Ohio the first weekend in May.

So, you wanna see? Gotta warn you, though. If you're burning up with a fever like I have been, you might want to take some Tylenol first (bad joke, I know, LOL--blame it on the NyQuil).



Mark of the Beast

City girl Abby Clumm wouldn't normally travel to remote cabins in Alaska alone. But with the expectation that her friend will be arriving shortly, she makes the journey to their rented cabin solo. Unfortunately, things don’t go as she plans--no real surprise there, when do they?--and her first night she finds herself alone in the boonies, a shotgun she doesn’t know how to use and a failing wooden door the only things standing between her and some kind of very hungry animal outside. She’s now caught in a battle for survival.

Research scientist Tarik Evert has no idea what’s wrong. He’s suddenly driven by a need so urgent it’s painful. The scent of a woman nearby beckons him, sends him staggering outside into the cold. And then somehow he’s at her door, not sure what just happened...or what is about to happen if she lets him inside.

He only knows one thing--the hunger that brought him to her in the first place.

Touch of the Beast

Katie Spenser is looking forward to some R & R with her best friend Abby when she makes the loooong trip from Chicago to Alaska. Unfortunately, rest and relaxation are not what she gets.

A missing best friend.
Men who turn into bears…
Bad guys shooting guns…

The only part of Katie's so-called vacation that's pleasant is Raul Zant. She simply cannot resist a guy so sexually dominant that a mere glance produces delightful tingles and quivers of anticipation. And the sex… Two words: Mind. Blowing.

Security Officer Raul must turn over his renegade best friend to Omega, or his brother will die. He loves his brother, but handing over his best friend isn't exactly painless. And speaking of pain, his desire for Katie is so relentless and intense it's agonizing. She will surrender. He must have her.

Together, with assassins at their heels and fiery lust driving them into each other's arms, Katie and Raul must rescue their friends, uncover who is behind Omega, and learn whether there is a cure for Raul and Tarik's unusual "ailment".

The trick will be staying alive.

You can read a free excerpt of each on THIS page. Enjoy!

Vampilicious Erotic Romance
Sydney's Sassy, Sexy Romance

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posted by Tawny Taylor at 9:41 AM |


Commented by Anonymous barbara:

Congratulations on the print out book! I can't wait.
I hope you're feel better

10:53 AM 
Commented by Blogger Chantal:

VERY NICE! You sure do have some sexy looking covers! Lucky lady.

12:14 PM 

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