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Monday, April 16, 2007

Happy Monday!

No, Monday is not normally a day worthy of celebration, nor is this particular Monday anything special. BUT, my kiddies are back in school! Yay! No more bored kids dragging around the house, griping they have "nothing to dooooo." The weather last week sucked, of course. So they were stuck inside.

Today, we're back to "normal". Jacob, the little terror, is up to his usual--racing through the house, leaving a wake of destruction behind him. And I'm sitting at my computer, getting ready to dig back into my poor neglected wip.

But, before I get into writing-mode, a quick promo post about this week's release (Friday, April 20th).

Twilight's Possession is a series of vampire menage stories about a group of dedicated, powerful (and yes, most definitely sexy) men (vampires), chosen for a special purpose by their king. They've been selected because of their bravery, leadership, strength, and loyalty. Each set of two vampires will face different challenges as they are brought into the Cytherean Guard. Their morals, beliefs, and bodies will be tested. And of course, they will fall in love. These stories have all the elements I LOVE in books: men I can fall in love (and lust) with, an exciting plot involving some bad guys and a treasure hunt, sex scenes that'll make a girl sweat, and a heroine I can completely relate to.

Because I'm so excited about this new series, I've created a special website dedicated to it: I really hope you all enjoy Burning Hunger and the two future books I've planned for the series: Carnal Hunger and Everlasting Hunger. Burning Hunger will be available in multiple formats from on Friday.

The blurb:

Private detective Brea Maguire is on her first case, tracking down a stolen statue—the Sacred Triad—before it’s buried in the black market. Unfortunately, today—Friday the Thirteenth—isn’t her day. Being kidnapped from the mall by a pair of bizarre guys who put the Chippendales to shame, didn’t figure into her new career plans.

But Dayne and Marek have their own problems.

Dayne, forced into a blood-bond by the king with Marek, his sworn enemy, sees his chance to exact vengeance for his family’s slaughter slip away.

For Marek, the blood-bond with Dayne may be too little, too late. His enemies have learned the secret of the relic, which holds the only hope for a cure for his dying brother, the king.

The race to find the Triad is on.

Enter Brea. Marek can help her find the Triad, and use it to save his brother’s life, but only if she, too, enters the blood-bond. The burning hunger that accompanies it is a major complication none of them anticipated.

Two men, one woman—and a driving sexual hunger that none can resist, in a race against time to save one man—or destroy thousands.

Thanks so much for reading!

Vampilicious Erotic Romance
Sydney's Sassy, Sexy (newly redesigned) Romance Site

posted by Tawny Taylor at 9:40 AM |


Commented by Blogger Chantal:

I am so buying that on Friday. It sounds yummy!

My kids were all stuck in the house this weekend as well. Rain rain rain.

11:03 AM 
Commented by Blogger Rhian / Crowwoman:

oh yeah - that's got BUY ME written all over it. Dang - friday is forever away.

8:52 PM 
Commented by Blogger Tawny Taylor:

Thanks so much for reading and posting! I REALLY hope you enjoy Burning Hunger!

9:36 AM 

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