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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Impromptu Q&A

Okay, so I admit it. I have no idea what to blog about. I've been sitting here, staring at this white box, and can't come up with a topic.

So, I had a brainstorm. I'll hold a Q&A.

What kinds of questions will I answer? Anything to do with writing--erotic romance, Ellora's Cave, craft, publishing, agents, marketing/promo, whatever. Post your question in the comments and I'll answer. Sound like fun?

God, I hope I get at least one question or I'm going to feel *really* lame and I might have to go hide under a rock somewhere. Just kidding :)

Vampilicious Erotic Romance
Sassy, sexy romance

posted by Tawny Taylor at 9:24 AM |


Commented by Blogger Chantal:

I have a few questions.

How long does it take you to write a book?
And, have you ever had a book be rejected?

Oh wait, another one. Do you have any say over your covers, and do the people on them look the way you imagine them in your head?

12:31 PM 
Commented by Blogger Tawny Taylor:

Hi Chantal! Thanks so much for posting!

1. It takes me anywhere from one month to three months to write a book. Some books seem to flow easier, some harder. Short books tend to take less time, although I've written at least one full length book in a month, and taken three to write a novella. I try to write every day, but that doesn't always happen.

2. Yes. LOTS of books rejected. Now that I have an agent, I've completely lost count of how many rejections I've received. The hard ones to take are the ALMOSTS--where I'm in communication with an editor and she loves the book, and she goes to a committee and then the project is eventually rejected. Big letdown there. Rejection is part of this business. I personally don't know anyone who has been able to avoid it (have heard rumors of it, though).

Covers--rarely do the characters look exactly like what I imagine. In fact, sometimes they look VERY different from the characters. Some publishers give me *some* say, but my part is limited. I can make suggestions. In the end, the art department does what they think is best.

Thanks again for the questions! Feel free to post more. Next week, I'll be on and offline--mostly off. I'll be out of town.

8:00 PM 

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