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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A sneak preview of Burning Hunger and a question

Since Burning Hunger doesn't go "live" on Ellora's Cave's home page until this Friday, I thought I'd post a little preview for your enjoyment here. Hope you like it!

But before I do, I wanted to ask a question: I've come to appreciate the fact that successful romance authors write heroes who are not only sexy, mysterious and droolworthy, but also loveable. What romance novel characters do you find loveable, and what traits in them make them that way to you? I can't wait to read your answers!

And now, here's my excerpt:

Copyright TAWNY TAYLOR, 2007
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

Hot, sweet blood streamed down Marek’s throat, sending pulsing waves of raw energy through his tired body and urgent need to his groin. He jerked the woman closer, eager to take his fill of both her blood and her body. Yet no matter how firmly her softening form molded to his, and no matter how eagerly he drank, he could not get his fill of either.


He drew in another mouthful of her blood. The unfamiliar sound of his heartbeat, slow and wavering but growing steadier, thumped in his ears. Strength returned to his arms and legs. The overwhelming weariness that had nearly overtaken him slowly lifted.


He pulled in a third mouthful of energizing blood. She whimpered, lifted her arms and draped them over his shoulders. Her legs straddled one of his and her hips ground into his thigh as his heat burned into her.

“Ohhh...”she said on a sigh.

More, more, more!

Dayne’s growl of protest stopped him from taking what his body demanded. He would kill her if he didn’t stop now. They had seven nights to get their fill. Although he craved complete and immediate satisfaction, he knew receiving it would come at a great price. To all three of them.

Meeting Dayne’s gaze, Marek gently pushed the flushed, dazed woman toward him, encouraging Dayne to take what he needed. She cried out, visibly disappointed by his apparent rejection. But when Dayne eased her around, swept her hair aside and sank his fangs into her porcelain skin, her expression turned wanton once more.

Agonizing lust simmered in his veins as he watched his new blood-mate drink. The expression in Dayne’s eyes turned fierce, erotic, as he pulled in a second mouthful of the woman’s blood, stirring Marek’s lust to even more painful heights.

Driven by his need, he ripped the back of the woman’s shirt down the center, revealing a stripe of silky skin marred by an ugly black strap.

He groaned.

The woman whispered, “Oh yessss...”

He unfastened her bra and gently lowered her arms, pressing his length against her back. His hips rocked as he removed her clothing from her upper body, driven by a different kind of hunger surging through his system. A sexual hunger.

Dayne lifted his head, releasing her neck. The bloodstained mark on her skin vanished instantly. His tongue swept over his lips, an invitation.

It was done. Dayne was now bound to him, and he to Dayne. For the first time in his life, he was overcome by sexual hunger for another man.

Driven by instinct, Marek hooked a hand behind Dayne’s head and with the woman’s writhing body between them, claimed his mouth. Their tongues battled, stabbing, stroking while the woman’s soft derriere pillowed his cock and balls, the scent of fresh spring air and delicate flowers teased his nostrils and her feminine whimpers and sighs filled his ears.

The agony and ecstasy.

Senses that had slowly faded over the centuries were suddenly painfully sharp, a contrast so severe it nearly drove him mad. He could hear the gusting of air as she exhaled. Could smell the musk of her need. Could feel the cool silk of Dayne’s hair twining around his fingers.

He broke the kiss, instead turning his attention to the woman who’d given him so much. By the simple act of being there, submitting to their needs, she’d given both of them a chance at another five hundred years of life. She would get her reward.

The clue she wanted. The dominant lovers she craved. And the release she demanded.

* * * * *
Oh my God! They’re kissing each other? They’re bi? That is so hot.

Brea’s body was burning up. She was the meat in a Chippendale sandwich and God help her, she was loving it! Smooshed between two hot, impossibly sexy bodies, her shirt gone, her bared nipples teased to aching erection by the delicious friction against Number One’s shirt. Two sets of hands were exploring each other then her body, easing her out of the rest of her clothes, smoothing up her arms and down her sides. Two mouths were tickling her neck and shoulders with teasing kisses and soft nips.

Two voices murmured seductive promises.

Who would have thought it was possible? To be so lost? To experience such overwhelming need?

Before she fully realized it, she was unclothed and so were they.

Two perfect bodies. Toned, tanned and both possessing a latent power that stole the oxygen from her lungs.

Their expressions mirrored each other’s, both dark with desire. It was their looks, the heat she saw simmering in their eyes that drove her backward, until the back of her legs struck what she quickly realized was the bed.

That was one enormous adult playground.

Number One caught her hands in his fist and lifted her arms over her head. He stepped closer until his huge frame completely invaded her personal space, both driving her crazy with desire and making her feel slightly uncomfortable at the same time.

It was a bizarrely thrilling combination--discomfort and desire.

“I can smell your arousal,” he murmured, his eyes searing her skin as his gaze swept over her face. “The fear intensifies your reaction.”

Did it ever!

Was that why she wasn’t screaming for her life? Was that why she wasn’t kicking him in the gonads or at least begging him to stop? She’d never had sex with a complete stranger, let alone two. She didn’t even know their names.

God, how bad was that?

“You have been secretly yearning for this for a long time.” He pulled slightly, forcing her hands higher in the air. Her biceps sandwiched her head, pressing against her ears and muffling sounds, his voice. Her racing heartbeat pounded in her head. “You want a man to take control in the bedroom.”

She did. She really, really did.

No. This was so wrong! Control? Absolutely not. Sleeping with men she didn’t know. Kidnappers. Bad men. They were bad.

But they looked soooooo good. And felt soooo amazing.

He gathered both of her wrists into one fist and twisted, forcing her to turn her body to the side, where Number Two was kneeling.

“Spread your legs,” Number Two demanded.

No doubt what would happen next. A gush of heat pulsed to her core as she met his gaze. A split second later, a spike of guilt stabbed her insides. She was crazy if she did anything with these guys. A shameless hussy. She hadn’t been raised like this’to fuck the first kidnapping Chippendale she stumbled upon -- or first pair of kidnapping Chippendales.

Time to reclaim some of her scruples, to recover her brain out of the thick fog that had somehow enveloped it.
How had she gotten to this point anyway?

One minute she’d been talking about a job as a personal waitress--or something like that. And then what?

She looked down at her clothes, lying in a heap on the floor. How’d her shirt get ripped? Why couldn’t she remember? Was there anything to remember? Of course there was.

Her neck tingled, burned like she’d scratched it. After Number One released her wrists, she pressed her fingertips to the sore spot, the chill easing the pain.

As she struggled to gather her thoughts, she lifted her chin, an intentional show of defiance. “No.”

Number One’s formerly charming smile turned wicked and a little threatening, utterly sexy. “But you’ve given us so much. Don’t you wish to receive your reward?”

Vampilicious Erotic Romance
Sydney's Sassy, Sexy Romance

posted by Tawny Taylor at 9:09 AM |


Commented by Blogger Tina Bendoni:

hmmm, what makes me fall for a man in a romance novel? He has to be smart, considerate, able to take charge, but able to let the woman take charge, too. And not just in bed.
He needs to trust her to have a brain and abilities, too. He has to love her the way she is, no matter what her faults. And be supportive of her. lol, I think I could go on forever here.
Basically he needs to treat her like an equal, but doting on her at the same time.
I, unlike a lot of people, am not into the UBER-ALPHA males, so I am sure my opinion will differ from others :)

12:14 PM 

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