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Monday, May 14, 2007

Is Triskelion Publishing in Trouble?

Blogs, forums and Yahoo groups are burning up with rumors about Triskelion Publishing (, one of the few epublishers who have received the coveted thumbs-up from RWA (RWA recognition). I've heard whisperings of a partner in the company leaving, print programs being discontinued, and "restructuring" of the company. I've also heard of dissatisfied authors whose contracts were terminated for no reason and problems with editing/quality. Some authors shelled out beaucoup dollars for print ads to advertise paperbacks that won't be coming out. One author actually claimed they were operating like a subsidy publisher. And several others stated they'd already asked for rights back on their contracted books. Others reported authors were humiliated in front of peers on the author's loop.

Note: this information is all rumor. I have not been given any information directly.

For more info, register to be a member of the forum to read the post)

I'm very sad to hear all of this.

Epublishers have it tough. In so many ways, they're still the ugly red-headed stepchild of the publishing world, especially in romance fiction. Even with RWA recognition, it seems epublishers are frowned upon by some folks. And the authors who are published by them are sometimes treated poorly by (some, not all) NY published peers. As a result, any trouble with an epublisher impacts (granted, indirectly) other houses and their authors by legitimizing those negative opinions.

It's my hope that Triskelion manages to work though their current difficulty. I get the impression that returns on paperbacks caused them troubles, and that doesn't surprise me. Reports of massive Borders/Waldenbooks closings and huge numbers of returns to publishers make it conceivable. Small presses don't have enough profit built into their print programs to swallow those kinds of returns.

The other issues--regarding late payments of royalties, unfair treatment of authors, etc bother me, however, because those aren't necessarily financial issues. They indicate a certain climate within the company. My advice to unpublished authors: approach this publisher with open eyes. Google the company, read what you can, and make an informed decision.

If anyone associated with Triskelion would like to comment on this post, to fill in some details, or perhaps refute something I've posted, I welcome them!

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posted by Tawny Taylor at 8:41 AM |


Commented by Anonymous Anonymous:

I just finished reading a Triskelion book - good story, but the editing was atrocious. I'd always thought I wanted to go with them - they were getting really good press and putting out good stories, but not anymore. Think I'll pass on them until I see major improvement in the editing.

Vicky B

3:47 PM 
Commented by Blogger L.K. Campbell:

I wanted my novels in both print and ebook, because I recognize the need for both. With the genre that I write, WWII-era romance, I knew that older people weren't going to buy an ebook. They don't even know what an ebook is. And if sales are any indication, my print sales outnumber the ebook sales at least 3-to-1.

7:26 AM 

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