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Friday, May 25, 2007

Simon and Schuster's New Project

Have you heard the news? S&S has teamed up with a company called Media Predict. What's that mean?

From the NYT article,

Publisher to Let the Public Have a Vote on Book Projects

"Media Predict is soliciting book proposals from agents and the public, and posting pages of them on the site. Traders, who are given $5,000 in fantasy cash, can buy shares based on their guess about whether a particular book proposal is likely to get a deal, or whether Touchstone Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, will select it as a finalist in a contest called Project Publish. If either happens within a four-month period, the value of the shares go to $100 apiece; if not, the share price falls to zero."

Link for Media Predict:

This is interesting. I admit, I'm intrigued, although the projects currently up for consideration don't inspire me to vote.

I can see some potential good and bad. What if an author solicits votes? Just because she/he is able to win a popular vote doesn't mean the book will potentially sell tens of thousands of copies, right? Yet, if it works properly, a program like this would also allow readers (with dollars to spend, hopefully) to have a direct impact on what makes it to the marketplace.

This could be very good.

I work in a bookstore and often hear readers griping about finding the same ole stuff (whatever that might be), or not finding enough of their fave subgenre (alien-abduction-secret-baby-cowboy-menage-a-trois-romance).

What do you think of this concept--letting the public determine what projects deserve to be published? And if you could go directly to the publisher and tell them what you want, what would it be?

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