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Monday, June 11, 2007

Ellora's Cave Announces Additional S&S Releases

Yes, the rumors are true: Ellora’s Cave will be increasing the number of books to be published and distributed through Simon & Schuster.

It began at the end of 2006, with the release of All She Wants, an anthology containing stories by Jaid Black, Shiloh Walker and Dominique Adair. The Christmas anthology, a great success, was featured in Cosmo magazine.

Monthly releases followed. Currently, more than twenty authors are involved in the partnership between EC and Simon and Schuster, and more will be included. There is also talk of the 2008 line up expanding to single titles. It has been reported on Dear Author that EC and Simon and Schuster met at BEA to discuss the future of the relationship. Thirteen more anthologies are in the works. Ellora’s Cave is currently in the process of selecting the thirty-nine novellas to be included.

EC/Pocket Books Anthology List Jan.-July 2007

1/07 – Taming Him
Kimberly Dean, Summer Devon, Michelle M. Pillow

2/07 – Fever-Hot Dreams
Jaci Burton, Sherri L. King, Samantha Winston

3/07 – Lover From Another World
Rachel Carrington, Elizabeth Jewell,
Shiloh Walker

4/07 – Hurts So Good
Gail Faulkner, Lisa Renee Jones,
Sahara Kelly

5/07 – Bedtime, Playtime
Jaid Black, Ruth D. Kerce, Sherri L. King

6/07 – Master of Secret Desires
S.L. Carpenter, Elizabeth Jewell, Tawny

7/07 – His Fantasies, Her Dreams
S.L. Carpenter, Sherri L. King, Trista Ann Michaels

This announcement, along with Samhain's recent news about a potential partnership with Kensington, poses an unexpected problem for some authors--primarily those who have contracts with NY houses. It appears the paperback releases can, in some instances, cause authors to breach contracts with competiting houses. Jordan Summers explains the details in more depth on her blog HERE.( But for newer authors who aren't yet writing for a NY house, these partnerships offer the benefits of MUCH wider distribution in chain and independent bookstores, advertising and sales teams.

As an author who does write for a NY house, in addition to EC, I've found that the release of my Pocket anthology (Master of Secret Desires) has helped boost sales of my May 1st EC paperback release (Animal Urges). The timing worked to my advantage. Has it made me an overnight erotic romance star? No. But it has been a wonderful tool in helping me build name recognition in an extremely competitive marketplace.

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