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Thursday, July 05, 2007

A Terrific Birthday Present...And a Plea for Help.

I just received official word. My Ellora's Cave editor accepted my second Twilight's Possession book, Carnal Hunger. Whooo hoooo!!!

At this point, I don't have a release date, but at least I know it'll be coming out sometime in the next several months.

After doing a little celebratory dance in my office, I sat down and drafted a blurb for my Twilight's Possession website. What do you think? Any suggestions for improvements? I'd love some feedback! *begging* IMO, it's missing something.


Jasmyne Vaughn has just learned her mother checked herself out of rehab--again--and vanished into the dark world of drug addiction...or so Jasmyne assumes. Until a mysterious call in the middle of the night sparks a frantic search in places so dark and disturbing Jasmyne couldn’t have imagined them in her worst nightmares. But before she can find her mother, and recover the priceless package her mom has stolen, Jasmyne is kidnapped by two powerful strangers.

Sons of the Twilight, Asher Pryce and Draven Falk, have their own problems. Asher is desperate to stop a brutal assassination attempt against their king. And Draven has learned a past mistake is going to cost a number of people--Asher included--a dear price. And then there’s the desperate hunger that has driven them both to near death.

Propelled by honor, duty and love, the three spend their nights searching for the stolen ancient Greek relic, the magical Diana’s Star. And days spent sating their unrelenting carnal hunger.

But with a powerful enemy standing in their way, there’s no guarantee they’ll succeed.


Meh. It's just not doing it for me. What am I missing? Anyone able to tell me? ALL suggestions are welcome. Should I toss the whole thing and start over? Can you suggest a few tweaks that turn this blurb from so-so to fabu?

Vampilicious Erotic Romance
Sassy, Sexy Romance

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