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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Available Now

Popping in for a quick squee! Real Vamps Don't Drink O-Neg went "live" on Amazon this morning. It's in stock and available for purchase. Whoo hoooo! Anyone in the mood for a little pre-Labor Day celebrating?

Vampilicious Erotic Romance

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Yet Another Epub Bites the Dust

First, I'm not trying to be insensitive to the authors, editors, cover artists, etc. of this (or any) epublisher that has recently gone the way of the dodo, but I have to admit, I'm getting a little jaded (and even cynical) about some of the smaller epubs these days.

Is it something in the water?

Last week, an author and former editor of one epublisher (Silk's Vault) went public with complaints about failings of the company to pay authors' royalties and wages owed to company employees. And now I've heard that Mardi Gras Publishing has just closed up shop, leaving authors wondering what will happen to their contracted books.

What the hell?

Reportedly, Silk's Vault failed to respond to attempts by Dear Author to interview them. By default, they'd sent a very disturbing message. They are choosing not to defend themselves. In other words, they're guilty. At least, that's my take.

What's the story about Mardi Gras? If you read Piers Anthony's epublisher report on Mardi Gras, it looks like the trouble started some time ago. Reports of authors being "viciously attacked", the publisher charging listing fees for ebooks appearing on their site (what the f*&k?), authors' books being pulled after they questioned royalty statements, etc.

Let me make one thing clear. I am NOT happy to see any epublisher portrayed in this light in the media. People tend to generalize, and before you know it, *all* epublishers are startups, risky and run by scam artists. And all ebooks are second rate, poorly edited, and written by untalented hacks who couldn't sell to a NY house.

That's not the case.

To the newbie authors out there, PLEASE be careful when selecting publishers--print or ebook. Do your homework. Read and carefully consider reports from reputable sites like Piers Anthony, Predators and Editors and Writer Beware. Talk to authors who have been published with the house, in particular those who've left.

Kudos to the authors who've taken a stance, risked who-knows-what to share their problems with other writers, and to the bloggers who've helped spread the word. It sucks that even one author is treated poorly, let alone hundreds. It's been said some authors are so desperate to be published, they'll either put up with crap they shouldn't, or they're afraid if they tell someone about their troubles they'll be labeled a "bad author" or "trouble maker". I have to agree, to a certain extent, although I'm certainly not blaming any author for the mistreatment they've suffered.

It's a sad truth, that some people are just rotten enough that they'll take advantage of others' dreams...and their desperation to see them come true.

Edited on 8/28/07 to add: It's reported the owner of Mardi Gras Publishing has made public her intent to file bankrupcy on Sept. 1. Authors, if you have books contracted by Mardi Gras, make sure you send a registered letter overnight, requesting immediate return of all rights.

Vampilicious Erotic Romance

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Former Submissions Editor Issues Warning About Publisher

Her penname is Camille Anthony. Her real name is Sandy. She's a published author and (former) submissions editor. On Wed. Aug. 22, she posted the following on her MySpace blog:

"I have never once received my royalties on time. To date, I have not received the royalties due me from the first two quarters of 2007."

Camille's Blog

There's more. Click the link above to read the entire post.

Now, my thoughts:

1. There are always two sides to a story, so while it's easy to judge this publisher from what I've read, I'm not going to do that...yet. I'd like to hear what they have to say about Camille's complaints.

2. I can totally relate to Camille's difficulties. I am also an author with no health insurance. I can't imagine how she's able to pay her medical expenses. So I find it despicable if a publisher would (again, not saying this is happening, but it does appear that way) withhold royalties from its authors. For any reason.

3. Only on rare occasions have I seen an author come out to air his/her dirty laundry when it comes to publishers. It takes a great deal of courage on Camille's part to do this. I hope, if she--and other Silk's Vault authors who may have been cheated--sees some resolution out of this. And I also hope her message is spread, so that other authors won't suffer as well.

I welcome a representative of Silk's Vault to comment, along with anyone else who might have information about these issues. If this publisher is failing to pay its authors, this issue should be discussed, warnings shared. Authors are too often the victims. If we can, let's protect a few that haven't already become one.

Vampilicious Erotic Romance

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RWA chapter sponsored Query Contest

Passing on for those who might be interested...

1St Annual EVA Query Contest
Romance Writers of America - East Valley Authors
Official Rules

1. Contest is limited to the first 100 entries.

2. Contest deadline is September 1, 2007.

3. Entry fees ($5) and submissions received after September 1, 2007 will not be accepted. Fees ($5) will be accepted at the EVA website through PayPal or send check, entry form and subbmission to:

East Valley Authors
P.O.Box 84
West Covina, CA 91793-9000

4. Contest is open to any writer.

5. All genres of fiction are welcome.

6. Entries shall consist of:

A one to two-page query letter.
Standard business letter format -- see below
Addressed to:

Kevan Anne Lyon and Jill Marsal
Sandra Dijkstra Agency
PMB 515
1155 Camino Del Mar
Del Mar, CA 92104-2605
7. If submitting as a hard copy:
THREE copies of your query letter
A standard self-addressed stamped envelope with sufficient postage for return of submissions and scores
8. If submitting an electronic copy:
Please provide a valid email address
Send entry as an attachment
Email entry to: Contest Coordinator
9. Entries must be formatted as follows:
MINIMUM 1-inch margins, readable font of 12 pt, Time New Roman, Courier, or Arial preferred.
Justiy left but do NOT justify right margins
10. Multiple entries will be considered but a separate entry fee must be paid for each.

11. Each separate entry must be accompanied by an official entry form, a signed release, and an entry fee.

12. Preliminary judging will be done on a point basis, with all manuscripts judged by two trained judges. In the case where a submission receives larger than a 10=point spread, a third jude will be used and that final score taken.

13. Finalists are chosen by their overall score and must be among the top ten.

14. Finalists will be judged by Kevan Anne Lyon and Jill Marsal of the Sandra Dijkstra Agency.

15. Finalist will be announced October 6, 2007, at the EVA monthly meeting. Winner announcements will be made to the RWA. All finalists and the winner will be notified by phone or email.

16. The winner will receive a gift certificate worth $50.00.

17. Failure to comply with any of the above rules will result in disqualificaiton. The EVA Board of Directors will resolve any disputes that may arise. Their decision will be final.

18. The contest cannot be held liable for any failure of the delivery of entries due to the USPS, or your chosen method of delivery.

19. Contact Contest Coordinator with any questions.

DISCLAIMER: Winning the contest does not guarantee a request for your manuscript from the Sandra Dijkstra Agency.

Click Score Sheet to see our scoring.

Click Online Query Contest Entry Form to submit online.

If you prefer to send in your entry via snailmail:

Click Query Contest Entry Form for the printable form to send in with your entry.

FEE per entry: $5

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Do you buy used books?

Yesterday, I was reading a post on Dear Author about used bookstores/internet used book sales. Interesting post, meaty, with some fascinating statistics. The overall theme, for those who haven't read it, was that retailers (both online and brick and mortar) are not hurt by used book sales. I know for a fact they don't hurt the store I work at. But for publishers and authors, it's another story. Based on 2003 sales figures, and an estimate of .3%, over $45 million dollars. That's not chump change.

Now, according to the individual who originally posted the study (Read for Pleasure), it's a simple matter of increasing new book prices slightly to make up for that loss. I wonder, however, if that would work, or would it simply increase the demand for lower priced used copies?

How do authors feel? Several have voiced very firm opinions. Rosina Lippi doesn't buy used, as long as the author's alive. Susan Gable has a post titled, Save a Writer, Buy a New Book! on another author's blog. Clearly, there are some authors who do not see any potential gain from used book sales.

Me? I'm somewhere in the middle. I get a pretty good idea of what goes on in a used bookstore. I see the drawbacks and the benefits. Loss of potential sales, but an increase in potential readership, buzz and word of mouth exposure.

In our store, there are those who buy new because they want the latest release--the one they've read about in last month's RT magazine--and they want it NOW. Not tomorrow. Not next week. And definitely not a month or two after everyone else has bought it.

Then there are those who rarely buy new. They're willing to wait. So, if my books weren't available used, would the used book readers buy them new? Chances are, they wouldn't.

What about the buyer in the middle? The one who sometimes buys new, sometimes buys used? They aren't as common as the extremes, at least at our store, but IMO, they are the ones an author could actually benefit from. The exception to the rule. These are the readers who might buy a backlist title used, and then find other titles and buy those new.

Benefits and drawbacks. To me, they seem to balance out. Probably won't make me the most popular person among my peers.

Some people might suggest I'm on the fence because I work at a store that sells both used and new books, that I wouldn't be if I didn't. Perhaps that's true, to a certain extent. But not because of any loyalty I feel to the store. If anything, it's the insight I have into the book buying habits of our customers that have kept me from taking a hard core anti-used book stance. New book buyers almost always buy new. But used, rarely.

Any thoughts? Insight? Comments? Rotten tomatoes? Let's talk.

Vampilicious Erotic Romance
Sydney's Romance with Sassitude

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Monday, August 20, 2007

New Book Release-itis

Time for a confession.

Today I'm pacing my office, hitting refresh on Amazon every five minutes, expecting the preorder button to disappear.

What am I talking about? It's that time. Real Vamps Don't Drink O-Neg is shipping. Boxes are rolling into bookstores all over the country. I know this because our order was filled at work (for those who don't know, I work at a used and new bookstore).

Do readers have any idea how we authors agonize over the release of our books? Particularly authors who've only recently broken into the NY publishing world? I want to be all confident and everything's-going-to-be-great, but I'm too new to the game to be.

Hold my hand this week, won't you? While I wait for Real Vamps to go "live" on Amazon and land in bookstores? I'd *really* appreciate it!

Tawny (the temporarily needy author)
Vampilicious Erotic Romance
Sydney's Romance with Sassitude

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Blogging for my Diva Friends

The books below, written by fellow Romance Divas, all sound fabulous! Pick up your copy today.

Devil's Pearl By Dawn Halliday

After a year of pursuit, Sir Devlin Vaughn has finally found the beautiful woman who made him the laughingstock of London society. Now he intends to keep her as his permanent sex slave, whether she comes willingly or not.

Julia Beaumont escaped Devlin in an attempt to become a legitimate lady. Her plan backfired, leaving her reputation in tatters. Now Devlin holds her in his thrall once again. Can she free herself, or will he enslave her for life?

Read an Excerpt

Buy Now From Ellora's Cave

Deb Logan's first Climbing Rose, Corn Maze, has been released!

Here's a quick blurb:

Twelve-year-old Hannah Barnes is just like all the other girls in her small Georgia town, except for one little detail. Hannah’s best friend—make that her only friend—is a ghost. When the annual Sweet Pea Festival arrives, Hannah discovers the secret to freeing Lilah from her earthly bondage. Hannah has a decision to make. Will she help Lilah move on, or will she hold on to her best friend?

Corn Maze is available here!

“Go Between” by Dayna Hart

Coming August 14th from Samhain Publications

Between two races that hate each other, at the doorway between two worlds, can Claire find the strength to be the emissary they all need?

Book One of The Curtain Torn series.

Halfway through her twenties, her divorce, and a bottle of rye, Claire opens her birthday present—a “pressed fairy” book.

One of the fairies is neither pressed, nor a picture. He’s the sinfully sexy Dell, who’s been trapped inside the book for twenty years. The moment Claire frees him, goblins attack her house. Dell and Claire’s only option is to use a “Between”—a rift between their worlds—to escape into the land of Fae.

There, Claire discovers the elven queen, Eliane, has a mission for her—one that has her keeping secrets from Dell. And ousting the goblins from her home is only the start.

Read An Excerpt Online


Acting purely on instinct, I coil my arms around him. I can't believe this is happening and I can't believe what I'm doing. This new, different, impatient me takes the initiative and presses her tongue against his lips, demanding entrance.

He laughs, the sound deep and rough in his chest, and he admits me. Then a second later, it's like he throws a switch and he takes total control.

When vibrant, forty-something widow Annie Conroy espies her new neighbours Maria Lewis and Robert Stone having kinky sex in their back garden, she decides it’s time that she too woke up and smelt the erotic roses. And where better to begin her daring adventures than the luxurious Waverley Grange Country Hotel, and its hidden den of iniquity, the chintz-clad but wickedly pervy Suite Seventeen?

Under the stern but playful eye of exotic master Valentino, Annie quickly discovers the shocking hidden depths of her own sensuality, and surrenders herself body and soul to his outrageous games of power. But when the Waverley’s entire future hangs in the balance, and Annie has the means to help save it, dare she gamble on going one step further… and giving her heart to the mysterious man who’s come to control her?

"...this deliciously seductive story... is hard to put down" ~ Romantic Times, Four and a Half Stars, Sept 07

'Suite Seventeen contains all Portia's trademark treats from the arousing narrative, a wicked blend of deviant episodes, and an undercurrent of pragmatic and poignant romance.' ~ Ashley Lister, Erotica Readers and Writers Association

'I am grinning from ear to ear having savoured every last dripping word...' ~ Ann, poet and blogger

'a cheeky and very lovely read' ~ Madelynne Ellis, bestselling author of A Gentleman's Wager

ISBN 0352341092

Published by Black Lace in June 2007 [UK] and August 2007 [US]

Read an excerpt at [NB. excerpt is NC
17 and suitable for adults only.]

Suite Seventeen is available from and


Published by TOTAL-E-BOUND - a contemporary super length novel

Available from 6th August 2007


There's something in the air...

Flora Swain is a newcomer to the village of Marwick Magna, renowned for the inspiration it provides to painters and poets. Impetuous and strong-minded, Flora is no artist – yet. But there are creative urges within her, she is convinced, and she has come to the country to give them life.

The strange thing is that Flora’s urges turn out to be almost entirely sensual. Is it the undoubted physical allure of her new neighbour, Declan McKenna, that’s driving her wild? Or the explicitly sexual messages which appear daily in her post? Or could it be that country life has revealed to her an insatiable, highly erotic new self?

Read an Excerpt

Available now from TOTAL-E-BOUND

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Free WordPress Workshop

Passing on yet another free workshop. This one looks terrific! Me, WordPress is foreign territory, although I've been wanting to learn. I've heard there's a lot of pentential.

See ya there?


WordPress Basic
Fee: free
When: 3 days, October 12 - 14, 2007
Where: Access Romance ( message board

If one takes a look at author websites & blogs today, you'll often see that
these are powered by WordPress. What is WordPress? Why is it so popular and
why do more and more authors choose a WordPress powered website?
Be invited to take a closer look at this powerful personal publishing
platform, that is not only freely distributed but also extremly customizable
to meet your needs.

This workshop will cover:
- First Steps With WordPress: Installation & Usage
- WordPress Semantics - Learning the Jargon - An introduction
- Customization & Enhancement: WordPress Themes & Plug-Ins - An introduction

There'll be guest speakers (no details yet).

Screenshots and step-by-step guides will provide you with as much help as
possible to learn your way around WordPress.
Goal of this workshop will be to give you all an overview what WordPress is
and can, and how you tame this unknown beast.

Vampilicious Erotic Romance
Sydney's Romance with Sassitude

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Nothing But Red Submission Call

“Because it’s no longer enough to be a decent person. It’s no longer enough to shake our heads and make concerned grimaces at the news. True enlightened activism is the only thing that can save humanity from itself. I’ve always had a bent towards apocalyptic fiction, and I’m beginning to understand why. I look and I see the earth in flames. Her face was nothing but red.”

- Joss Whedon, May 20 2007,

What is this about? In April, 2007, seventeen year old Du’a Khalil Aswad was beaten, kicked and stoned for 30 minutes at the hands of a lynch mob before one of her attackers launched a fatal blow to the head. It's reported thousands of men--including police--stood by, cheering her attackers on, recording the attack on cell phones.

Why? What possible reason would anyone have to kill a teenage girl? It was an honor killing. One of hundreds that occur every year. Du'a's crime? It's unclear. Dating a young man who was a member of another religious group (Sunni)? Failing to come home one night? Converting to Islam?

Now, what you can do? Check out the submission call below.


This group is creating an anthology about abuse of women, all
proceeds to go to the charity Equality Now. Nothing But Red was
founded after the news reports of the stoning death of a 17-year-old
Iraqi girl, because her family caught her in the company of a man of
a different faith. The police and onlookers did nothing - "honor
killing" is seen as acceptable there.

They are looking for submissions of artwork, poetry, essays, short
stories: "It could be an essay about honour killings, or a short
story about a woman standing up to domestic abuse, or a pem that
gives voice to women suffering oppression. We're looking for work
that explores women's issues and the need for equality."

We're writers. We can convey emotion and passion about issues. We
write for women - besides giving our readers romance novels that
allow them to escape to a fantasy world of perfect love, we can use
our skills to help make the real world better for a lot of women.

Spread the word.


Vampilicious Erotic Romance
Sydney's Romance with Sassitude

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Real Vamps Don't Drink O-Neg

It took me a while, but I've (finally) posted a free excerpt of Real Vamps for everyone to read. It's not the steamiest bit from the book (by a long shot, lol)--gotta keep it PG --but it still hints at what's to come.

Intrigued but not sure you want to click? Here's a snippet:

He tucked the book under his arm, caught her wrist in a grip that felt like steel bands and stared into her eyes. Once again, she felt her breath catch in her throat. His gaze was intense. It seemed to delve deep into her brain. She giggled at the funny feeling inside her head, a soft tickling she'd never felt before, like there was a bunny rustling around in there. A flash of heat shot through her body, blazing a zig-zaggy path down her torso, through her groin and down to the ground. Then a wave of ice cold followed, making her shiver and coating her entire body in goose bumps.

Who was this man? More, why did he make her feel like she was going to alternately melt and freeze after the most innocent touch?

Click HERE to read more.
Click HERE to preorder from Amazon

From the cover:

Although Sophie Hahn works as a paranormal researcher, she doesn’t believe in ghosts, werewolves, or anything to do with the supernatural world. But when Sophie’s boss is convinced that her best friend Dao is slowly being killed by a female vampire, her beliefs are put to the test. Sure Dao bears more than a passing resemblance to a walking skeleton, but his new wife doesn’t look capable or hurting a fly let alone sucking the life out of someone. On the other hand, watching Dao wither away to nothing isn’t an option. So if Sophie has to go vampire hunting, she’ll do it...

That’s when Sophie meets sexy college professor and vampire Ric Vogel, who asks her to be a partner on his search for two ancient relics that have the power to end his people’s suffering forever and save Dao. Sophie finds herself falling hard for Ric. What is she thinking by lusting after a vampire? Maybe he isn’t a vampire. After all, she doesn’t believe they exist. All she knows is that Ric’s blond, seductive looks are very real and his love bites feel too good to resist. But is Sophie prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for the vamp of her dreams?

“Absolutely delicious! A fantastic book that will keep you reading all night long.” Gena Showalter

"REAL VAMPS DON'T DRINK O-NEG is a hilarious, wacky paranormal romance that will keep you chuckling through the entire tale. The plot is wonderfully convoluted and you never really suspect what is going to happen next." Romance Junkies

Vampilicious Erotic Romance
Sydney's Romance with Sassitude

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Bantam's new line and other market news

Original source Cindy Myers:

Bantam/Dell Publishing editor Shauna Summers announced at the Romance Writers of America Conference that in Spring 2008 Bantam will launch Bantam Discovery, a line of books that will be released simultaneously in mass market and trade paperback editions. The plan right now is to release one book a month. The idea is to market the books to different audiences. 2008 slots for Bantam Discovery are already filled.

Ms. Summers also said she's interested in acquiring straight contemporary romance. While paranormal continues to sell well for them, she's not keen on acquiring new paranormal right now. Bantam is also interested in romantic suspense and thrillers. Ms. Summers is interested in both previously published and unpublished authors. Bantam will consider queries from unagented authors -- snail mail only, please. Send your queries to 1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10009

Interesting. But this news bite is a little on the vague side. Details like what kinds of stories they'll be publishing, etc would be good to know.

I'll post as soon as I get more info.

Also, for those who've been waiting, Samhain Publishing has opened for submissions again. From their website:

Samhain has now reopened to general submissions with a few stipulations. Please read the guidelines below carefully and submit accordingly. Any deviation from the guidelines will lengthen the time it takes for your work to be given the consideration it deserves.

All submissions must be new material to be considered for publication, no reprints. Once you’ve had a new work accepted by Samhain, you are free to submit previously published works to your editor for consideration.

Only one manuscript at a time per author please! And, if the manuscript is being offered elsewhere simultaneously, please keep us informed of its status.

And finally, a reminder that the submissions window is about to close on the the's First Chapters Romance Writing Competition. The grand prize is a contract with Pocket/S&S. For unpublished authors only. Read the rules HERE.

Vampilicious Erotic Romance
Sydney's Romance with Sassitude

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Another Michigan Book Signing!

Are you a Jory Strong, Delilah Devlin or Jennifer Ashley fan? We'll be hosting a book signing THIS SATURDAY, August 11 from 2-4pm at Paperbacks N Things in Westland Michigan. While I won't be signing this time, I will be working, answering questions, running the cash register, and greeting visitors.

I hope you can make it! Our signings are always a lot of fun. It's a party atmosphere, particularly when the EC bus is parked in our lot :)

Where: Paperbacks N Things, Wayne Rd. Westland, MI
Who: Jennifer Ashley, Delilah Devlin and Jory Strong
When: Aug. 11 2-4 pm


Vampilicious Erotic Romance
Sydney's Romance with Sassitude

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The Impotence of Proofreading

Enjoy!!!! Hilarious!

Vampilicious Erotic Romance
Sydney's Romance with Sassitude

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Open Call for Urban Phaze

This program sounds like fun. Good luck to those who submit!

Vampilicious Erotic Romance
Sydney's Romance with Sassitude

Coming in 2008! Urban Phaze

New York, London, Paris, Munich, everybody talkin' about...PHAZE!

So tell us, what is your favorite location for a passionate fantasy? Do you dream of slow, eternal kisses in Times Square on New Year's Eve, or would like to snuggle with your lover in the dunes of a secluded Honolulu beach? Does the idea of doing it on the Eiffel Tower grab you, or maybe a tryst in an elegant suite overlooking the Chicago skyline?

You might say we like a bit of travel with our sex. We'd wouldn't mind christening each of the fifty states, and we hope you feel the same way. This is why Phaze is proud to announce our upcoming Urban Phaze line - hot novellas set in major cities around the world. Look forat least two to be released every month in 2008, each to be set in a different major metropolitan city.

Get on the Phaze map!

We are looking for steaming hot stories to include in this line - contemporary erotic romance (sub and cross-genres okay) of anywhere from 15K-25K, set in a major metropolitan city. Only one city will be accepted per story, and the entire tale must take place in that setting.

In particular, we are looking for the following locales. If you have a particular city in mind, please query us first.

Buenos Aires
Dallas/Fort Worth
Hong Kong
Mexico City
Rio de Janerio
Washington, DC

So, take us someplace nice, and make sure we never want to leave!

Please see our submissions guidelines for formatting and detailed dos and don'ts. When you submit in RTF format, please include Urban Phaze- [NAME OF CITY] in your subject line. Urban Phaze will remain an indefinite open call until we decide to close it. So get your pens and passports to work!

Exceptional Erotic Fiction

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Monday, August 06, 2007

Overnight success, an urban fantasy?

Does it sometimes seem like an author appears out of nowhere and becomes a huge overnight success? ( ala JK Rowling, maybe?) I can think of a couple of romance authors I had once believed were overnight successes. I later learned they'd been published for years before breaking out and becoming a common household name.

What does this mean to me, a published but not-overnight-success author? It gives me hope and encouragement, knowing that paying the dues is part of the game. The number of true overnight successes is so small, it's more likely I'll win the lottery than become the next JK Rowling. But that's okay. I'm happy to continue on the slow and steady path.

Need more inspiration? Check out Jodi Picoult's success story here:

Vampilicious Erotic Romance
Sydney's Romance with Sassitude

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Friday, August 03, 2007

Ever Dreamed of Writing a Harlequin Super?

Check out this FREE writing contest.


The editors of Harlequin® Superromance® books want contemporary romances that set high stakes for the hero and heroine, heightening an emotional read through passionate conflict—conflict that makes you wonder how on earth these two are ever going to get together! Think you've got a story that fits? We want to read it! For complete details and contest rules,
Sounds like a terrific opportunity!

(For those who don't know) Years ago, category romance was where some of our best selling romance authors cut their writing teeth (Nora). IMO, today's newer authors have a couple opportunities to break into publishing--besides the obvious (but close to impossible), selling their first book to Pocket for six figures and becoming an overnight success. They can write category romance or ebooks. Both provide writers with an opportunity to work with an editor, hone their craft, learn the ins and outs of marketing, and slowly develop a readership.

Good luck!

Vampilicious Erotic Romance
Sydney's romance with Sassitude

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Call for Workshop Proposals


The New England Chapter of the Romance Writers of America invites you to submit a workshop proposal for our 2008, Let Your Imagination Take Flight taking place April 11-12, 2008, at the Crowne Plaza in Natick, MA.

About the Conference
Our conference is a forum for writers at all stages of the business and craft of writing, We strive to offer something for everyone, in a fun, welcoming, and supportive environment. The event is held just outside of Boston, and is easily accessible by public transportation (bus & train) and highways. Attendance has grown steadily each year, with numbers consistently over 200, and anticipating an even bigger crowd in 2008.

We are thrilled to announce that the main speakers for 2008 include Keynote speaker Susan Wiggs, Luncheon speaker Suzanne Brockmann, and a special session on Deep POV conducted by Virginia Kantra.

The conference begins Friday afternoon, with workshops, a cocktail hour, dinner and entertainment. Saturday offers a day full of exciting workshops, popular speakers, and coveted opportunities for individual agent and editor appointments. The conference wraps up at 4pm on Saturday with a book sale and signing to benefit local literacy charities.

For our workshop presenters, we waive the conference registration fee and all meals - dinner Friday, and breakfast and lunch on Saturday - are included, with buffets of the highest quality and variety, so there is something to meet everyone's dietary needs.

We hope that you will consider submitting a workshop proposal by sending an email to:
The deadline for proposals is September 28, 2007.

Do you know someone who would be a great presenter at this conference? Please feel free to encourage them to submit their proposal, or send us an email and we'll do it. We would like the ‘08 conference to be our best conference yet!

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