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Friday, September 14, 2007

Taking a Break Today for a Little Celebrating

I think I like the every-other-day thing I've got going with my Seven Habits. So, keeping with that, I'm taking today off to celebrate. (Besides, I'm still feeling like crap--went to the doctor. Pneumonia and strep throat. Double whammy.)

I learned this week that one of my Ellora's Cave novellas will be published by Pocket in an anthology this coming July. With my story (Stolen Goddess) will be two others: Charlene Teglia's Wolf in Shining Armor and Dawn Ryder's Tempting a Lady.


Stolen Goddess
When Kylie Mannings answers the door on Halloween evening, expecting a couple of toddlers in pumpkin costumes, she quickly learns that candy bars don't make the most effective weapon against kidnappers. In quick order, two thugs have her overpowered and unconscious. To her chagrin, she wakes up nude, tied to a bed, and the prisoner of a strange man. A powerful, very sexy man who insists she's his wife and some kind of goddess. Uh…hello? She's pretty sure she'd remember a little thing like being married. And a goddess…puhleez. If only she could convince her whip-wielding captor of his minor confusion.

Xur Phoenix has gotten his wife, the Goddess of Celestine, back at last. But much to his surprise, she claims she doesn't know him. Whether her supposed memory loss is genuine or a part of another sexy role-playing game doesn't matter. With her bound and helpless, a victim of her own darkest desires, he'll refresh her memory in no time. For her own safety, and his sanity, she needs to remember who her Master is—and fast!

Unfortunately, with a killer on the loose, there's bound to be a few more surprises for them both.

Wolf in Shining Armor
Rorik was bitten by a demon wolf, but the curse has been a blessing in disguise. The rumors that surround the dark Celtic knight unnerve his opponents in the tourneys and aid him in winning the funds he needs to return home, roust the usurping baron who took his lands, and marry the lady Elissa Montreade, his betrothed.

Rorik is thwarted in his plans to live happily ever after with Elissa. Mostly because the baron, Alain Devere, helped himself to her along with Rorik's home and property.

Bent on vengeance, Rorik steals Alain's betrothed, Ailiss, on the eve before their wedding. But his plans for revenge are overthrown when he sees Ailiss and the wolf within recognizes his mate. Once he gets his paws on her, he isn't letting go! Rorik's battle with Devere is nothing compared to the sensual war he wages to claim his captive bride.

Tempting a Lady
As tempting as the summer season might make love appear, Emma knows that it is only an illusion. Fantasies of love in Regency America are for girls, not a woman who has tasted the harsh realities of the marriage bed.

But passion can be far harder to control than mere love—a lesson Emma is about to learn with Julian as her teacher. Julian, in spite of the refined appearance enforced by society, is so much more than the gentlemen Emma has turned aside before. Determined, relentless and driven to have her any way he can, he isn't listening to her polite denials and isn't interested in playing the summer game of courtship.

Instead, Emma finds herself in a far different game where she is the prey and Julian the hunter. Amidst the whispers of the night and hidden within that cloak of darkness, she discovers the driving lusts that tempt the body to listen to passion's song. Temptation becomes the master when the flesh becomes stronger than the will.

And the night becomes the haven where hunger is fed at the hands of a lover who will be her master.

TGIF all! Stay healthy! And have a great weekend. Be back on Monday with the Habit Number Four.

Vampilicious Erotic Romance

posted by Tawny Taylor at 7:43 AM |


Commented by Blogger danetteb:

Congrats,I'l be looking for the antho next summer.

I read RVDDOP, loved your vampires. It was fun watching Sophie see the "rose-colored glasses world" Is RVDDOP a part of a series?

4:47 PM 
Commented by Blogger Babe King:

Yay on Pocket putting you in print. btw, my blog has moved to
y'know, in case you want to add me to the diva list or something. :-)

1:26 AM 

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