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Sunday, October 21, 2007

They're all gay?!

What is up lately? In the past week I've read about two bestselling author releasing news to the world that one of her characters is gay. JR Ward and JK Rowling.

Ward's motivation was suspect after the lashing she took for dropping the Vishous-slash-Butch thing in Lover Unbound. For those who don't follow the series, she'd spent a fair amount of time developing a homosexual relationship between two characters, only to completely drop it in the next book.

And then there's Rowling?! I don't know what to think.

You see, it appears that Albus Dumbledore is gay. And she felt it was a good time to reveal this information now (why?), after she'd written seven books (why?), and when his sexuality played absolutely no role in the series.

Read this interview and judge for yourself. Is she just trying to stir up controversy, to help sell movie tickets? Or was this a more genuine response to an innocent question?,,2196020,00.html

And finally, what impact (if any) will this news have on sales of her books? My gut says they'll increase even more. The US public so loves its controversy.

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