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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Looking for a sizzling paranormal romance paperback?

If so, I'm thrilled to let you know that I have a new book available for purchase from Amazon. My latest paperback, Immortal Secrets, includes the novel Light My Fire and a bonus novella, Spells and Seduction.

The blurbs:
Light My Fire
Bailee Boyd, secretary by day and struggling fantasy artist by night, needs to win an art contest. Only problem is, she's finding it hard to concentrate. Someone's sending her emails about local fires...before they've started! After a nearby chemical plant goes up in flames, she goes to the fire marshal's office to report the mysterious messages and meets a man who kindles some serious heat of an entirely different kind. Her troubles have only just begun.

Alec Somner, fire investigator and Guardian Protector, wants to stop the devious arsonist. But he’s been trailing the Hunter for years and hasn’t been able to stop him. In fact, he’s set the latest fire under Alec’s nose. And now, Alec has an unwanted distraction in the form of one blonde who has to merely flutter her eyelashes to spike a blaze in him. She’s in danger and he must protect her. But oh, the agony.

Neither Alec nor Bailee know what they’re up against--a cold-blooded killer who will stop at nothing to finish what he’s started...and passion so scorching it will set their souls on fire.

Spells and Seduction
While answering a Guardian’s plea for help, Second-level Mage, Malcolm Forester, finds himself thrown into battle with a demon. His loss means his soul is at stake. With only one chance to save both himself and the lives of every Guardian on the planet, he must find someone to give him the most precious gift of all. True, selfless love. There’s only one woman who might be willing to pay the price to save his soul. If he can live with the consequences.

Rory Denton’s sex life is in the toilet. All she wants is a little no-strings sex. In the midst of a hasty retreat after a blind date has pulled a no-show, she runs into a man she had thought dead for years. Ex-boyfriend Malcolm Forester is alive? Alive! And more than that, he’s promised to make her darkest, most secret fantasies come true. If she can find the courage to reveal them.

A lot of magic, a little bit of domination and submission, and one unusual ménage a trois pave a bumpy road to bliss. But neither Malcolm nor Rory are completely prepared for the destination that road might take them…

Read a steamy excerpt HERE.

Thanks for reading!

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