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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Yet Another EPublisher Closes

Forwarding from an author's loop:

Good afternoon,

As a few of you know already I've been out with a family emergency.
Unfortunately, I have to make a change in priorities in my life at the
moment and my family comes first.

It is with deep regret that I must close the doors to Chippewa
Publishing LLC and Lady Aibell Press. I would like to thank all of you
for sharing your wonderful stories with the company and our readers
and giving us the opportunity to publish them.

All rights will be returned to the authors on November 30, 2007. This
will give me time to remove the books from the shelves as it isn't an
overnight process. Please remember that even though books are removed
from the e-shelves that I do not receive immediate payment from the
wholesalers. Royalties will continue to be paid until all payments are
sent by the distributors and they owe no more. Sometimes this can take
up to a year to be paid. If you do see your books at any of our
distributors after November 30, 2007, please tell me immediately so I
can demand they're removed from the site.

I will be happy to write a letter of release to any future publisher
you choose for your story. I will not have dedicated computer access
until the end of November, but I can send letters through my assistant

I've enjoyed working with all of you and I appreciate the time and
commitment you have given to me and the company. I wish you luck in
all your writing adventures. Please keep me posted on new releases
that you have as I will need to buy more books to read in the future.

Rebecca Pack
Authors, it is in your best interest to carefully choose which publishers you submit to. Contact authors published by the house. Check resources like Preditors and Editors and Piers Anthony. Sometimes it's very difficult to get a solid handle on a prospective publisher's financial stability. Just understand that there's always a risk of things going sour. Have a backup plan. Spread your work around. And be particularly cautious with new epublishers.

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