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Friday, December 28, 2007

A Great Way to Heat Up Your New Year

Coming January 2, 2008,

Twilight's Possession 2: Carnal Hunger
Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Jasmyne Vaughn’s mother has--once again--vanished into the dark world of drug addiction, or so Jasmyne assumes. Until a call in the middle of the night sparks a frantic search in places so depraved Jasmyne couldn’t have imagined them in her worst nightmares. But before she can find her mother, and recover the package her mom has stolen, Jasmyne is kidnapped by two powerful strangers.

Sons of the Twilight Asher Pryce and Draven Falk have their own problems. Asher is desperate to reclaim what has been taken from him. And Draven has learned his conflicting loyalties are going to cost a number of people--Asher included--a dear price. And then there’s the desperate hunger that has driven them both to near death. Propelled by honor, duty and love, the three spend their nights searching for Jasmyne’s mother and the ancient Greek relic she’s stolen. And days spent sating their unrelenting carnal hunger.

Two men, one woman—and a driving sexual hunger that none can resist—in a race against time to save the innocent…or destroy themselves.

Enjoy the excerpt below.

From Carnal Hunger by Tawny Taylor. Copyright Tawny Taylor 2007

He inhaled deeply, drinking in the aroma of his prey’s terror. He wanted her.

He stooped, swept her into his arms and lowered her to the bed. As expected, she fought him, but he wasn’t as weak from the hunger as Asher. He easily overpowered her, pinning her on her back. He held her hands over her head. Her breasts rose and fell with each rapid gasp. Lust swelled within him. His cock hardened. His balls tightened.

“Now,” he said on a grunt, indicating with his head to Asher. He held her wrists tightly, although he knew the instant one of them bit the woman, the resistance would cease. Cold terror would be replaced by burning desire. Their terrified victim would become a willing participant.

Asher’s hand trembled as he struggled to unfasten her pants. He was going for her femoral artery, a wise choice. But not without its risks. Draven shifted, balancing himself above her torso to keep her still enough for Asher to remove the rest of her clothing from the waist down. Shoes. Socks. Jeans. Cotton panties.

Oh, her scent. A bouquet of woman and soap.

Shrill screams echoed through the room. Between the sounds and smells, he became instantly dizzy, nearly blind with need. “Hurry,” he pleaded as he repositioned himself. He used his arms to secure their quarry but angled his upper body so that he could bend down and taste her skin. More intoxicating scents swept into his nostrils as he nuzzled the crook between her shoulder and the slender column of her neck.

She shrieked again and then went dead still.

Asher had bitten her. His venom was pulsing through her blood vessels. It would take less than ten seconds.

Nine, eight, seven…

He ran his tongue along her jugular. Her heartbeat fluttered beneath her skin, a staccato tempo that beat within him.

Six, five, four…

He ached to sink his teeth into her sweet skin, to drink her essence and then give back the pleasure she deserved. But he had to wait a few more agonizing seconds until Asher had taken what he needed.

Three, two, one…

He forced himself to turn his head from the temptation that pulsed before his eyes. He watched as Asher suckled the tender flesh at the crook of her thigh. He knew the second Asher’s venom had reached her brain.

She stiffened beneath him, cried out one last time. Her scream of terror morphed into a groan of pleasure and then she shuddered and went soft.

It was safe to release her hands now.

The instant he let them go, she reached for him, raked her fingernails down his chest and clenched the bottom of his knit shirt in her fists. His gaze wandered over her writhing body, up to her shoulders, her neck, face. Her eyes told him what her mouth could not. Good goddess, the loneliness, worry and pain he saw within their depths.

How could he sense so much already? He hadn’t even bitten her yet.

He tried to look away, to break the invisible tether that had bound him to her somehow. But he couldn’t. She was holding him. Pulling him into her.

No. He didn’t want to feel her pain, her frustration, her agony. He didn’t want to feel her joy either. But dammit, there was nothing he could do.

This wasn’t happening. Nonono.

The connection forming between them was so overwhelming, he literally pulled away, shifting his weight back, until he was seated on the mattress beside her. He guessed, by her expression, that Asher had stopped feeding at the same time.

“No,” she whispered.

The separation was shredding his insides to pulp. Why?

Confused, his body inflamed by desperate hunger, he scooted backward. He had to complete the blood-bond. He had to feed from her, to consume Asher’s venom, now pulsing through her veins. But he hesitated, unsure what the connection would be like then. Would it be much more intense? He didn’t want to know.

“Draven?” Asher whispered behind him. He smoothed a hand down Draven’s back, a reassuring touch. “Feed.”

What was it about this woman? Nothing had been normal, not since he’d first seen her in the airport.

“I need you.” Asher’s touch became firmer, more erotic. He sat up and slipped his hands beneath Draven’s shirt, exploring Draven’s lower back.

Jasmyne did the same, running her flattened palms up his stomach. Her fingertips teased his nipples, causing the hunger to flare white-hot again. He shuddered, swept her hair aside and bit her.

Sweet blood flooded his mouth and instantly a blaze ignited in his body. He felt his heartbeat speed up, pushing the life-sustaining heat through his chest, up his neck, down to his cock.

Asher pressed against his back, Jasmyne against his front. Heaven. Hell. Strange thoughts and images swept through his mind. Somewhere deep inside, a light flickered in the shadows, illuminating all the demons he kept hidden there. He was afraid of what he might see next, feel next, but he kept swallowing. He was powerless to stop.

“She will die,” Asher said.

The words were like shards of glass being ground into his heart. But goddess help him, he couldn’t stop. He needed more of her essence, more of the light, even if it would unleash the demons.

“Draven.” Asher yanked on his arm, but he still did not release her. He couldn’t. He pulled in another mouthful, and a burst of stars ignited behind his closed eyelids.

He felt Asher struggling to protect their mate, but the last thing he could endure was to be separated from her. Somehow, the darkness he saw within her healed him, chased away the heavy cloak of blackness inside him. He finally saw his secrets, the ones he’d hidden even from himself. He wasn’t afraid anymore.


A sharp pain blasted through his head. Instinctively, Draven loosened his bite, and then before he realized what had happened, he was lying on the floor, Asher standing over top of him, breathless and wild-eyed.

“What the fuck, Draven? You almost killed her.”

“I…don’t know.” Stunned, by both the shock of having nearly lost control, and the blow to his head, Draven slowly sat up. The world spun for a second or two before stilling. “Is she okay?” He couldn’t see her. He needed to check, make sure he hadn’t hurt her. If he had…

“She’ll be okay. She’s just weak.” Asher offered him a hand up. “You took too much. I’ve never seen you do that before.”

“There’s something about her. I’ve never felt anything…seen anything…”

“Yeah. I felt it too.” Asher pulled Draven into an embrace. “Dammit, I’m sorry, but that scared me. I had to stop you.”

“Yeah. It scared me too.” As it always did in the Binding, an urgent, agonizing carnal hunger swept through his body for his bound mates. Jasmyne. And Asher. Yes, Asher.

He kissed Asher with all the tenderness he had within him. They undressed each other, shared gentle touches until the sweet caresses had evolved into passionate strokes, demanding, taking.

And then, together, they roused a dozing Jasmyne.

It was time. To give back. And give back, he would. For the many gifts he knew she would give them both.

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