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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Check out my scrumptious new cover!

Just because it's Saturday (Yay!), here's an excerpt. Enjoy!


Double Take
Ellora’s Cave March 5, 2008
Contemporary menage BDSM


Fallon dreamed of a dominant lover for years. Giving it all to a man who can master her sexually. What she never imagined was not one, but two dominant lovers, determined to make her wildest sexual dreams a reality. But perfect lips and to-die-for bodies aside, the identities behind her new Masters’ masks aren’t the only secret they’re keeping.

As Fallon is pulled further into the erotic web they weave, she realizes that being submissive to two dominant men isn’t just about the sensations they can rouse in her, but the emotions they unleash.

The biggest surprise is yet to come, the one that can either set her free to share a love and a life she never dreamed possible, or break her heart forever.


Zane Warner was in agony.

Kade, the man he’d shared the past six years with, as lover and friend, as helpmate and nurse when he was sick, had asked him to be a part of his relationship with this woman, and he’d agreed.

But he’d never guessed he’d be so conflicted about it.

Unlike Kade, Zane had lived primarily as gay, since graduating from Anapolis. He had always been attracted to men. He loved men. He desired men.

That wasn’t to say he hadn’t been in a hetero relationship in the past. He had. But every time there’d been something missing. Off. Eventually he’d given up on women, figuring the thing that was *off* was him.

Fallon was different from the women he’d dated in the past. She was young, at his best guess about five or six years his junior, and absolutely stunning. But it wasn’t just her physical beauty that attracted him. It went much deeper than that, thanks to everything Kade had shared with him about her.

He was anxious to peel away the layers and discover for himself what made Fallon Dwyer such a special woman.

In the meantime, he would have to be content with what she could give him, little glimpses of the vulnerable woman she hid beneath that calm and cool exterior. She said very little. But her body spoke volumes. Her eyes. Her shoulders. Her cunt.

She was not only aroused but also nervous.

There was usually a deeper reason why a woman sought out a Dom. What deep-seated need was Fallon trying to fulfill? And how could he help her work through whatever issues she was struggling with?

Finally, in the end, would she accept what they wished to offer her?

Kade had come up with this plan after learning Fallon was curious about submission and domination. They both had experience as Doms and could help Fallon safely experiment with bondage. It was the opportunity Kade was looking for, a way to bring her into their relationship without having to explain right away the reason for it.

Zane had mixed feelings about all of this. Granted, he’d known for a long time about Kade’s feelings for Fallon. None of this had come as a surprise, but a small part of him feared losing Kade to Fallon, or at least surrendering a part of him to her.

Then again, now that he thought about it, that portion had belonged to her for years. It had been the one thing between them, a wedge he’d tried to ignore but couldn’t.

Maybe with her here, with them sharing her, the wedge would finally dislodge. He couldn’t hope for more. Assuming she agreed to become the third partner in their threesome.

How long would they continue like this? And how would she react once they removed their masks—both the literal ones and the figurative?

* * *

“Have you ever lived as a slave?” Fury asked her, circling her like a man inspecting a prospective piece of property.

His wandering gaze warmed her skin. Back. Buttocks. Breasts. How would it feel to live as a slave, around the clock? Did she secretly crave that kind of submission? Or merely the on-again-off-again submission to be found in a situation like this?

An answer whispered in her head.

“No, Master. I have not.”

Fury and Wrath exchanged glances but said nothing. She squeezed her thighs together, desperate to rub away the pounding ache at her center. Arms straight, hands behind her back, she laced her fingers together. How much time had elapsed? In some ways it felt as if a lifetime had gone by, in others, as if mere minutes had passed.

When would her frayed nerves ease? It didn’t help that they seemed to be hesitating at times, even a little unsure of what they wanted to do next. Or was she just imagining that?
“Have you ever been bound?” Wrath finally asked, at least a zillion heartbeats later.

“No, Master. Never.” Her gaze ping-ponged between her two Masters.

“This way.” Wrath motioned to a narrow table made of polished wood timber, much like the wooden bondage furniture she’d seen on the web. At all four corners, metal loops were screwed into the table, and attached to the loops were metal chains ending in leather cuffs. It was a little intimidating, although not terrifying.

They were going to tie her up.

Little quivers of anticipation raced up and down her spine.

“I think it’s time for this.” Brandishing her blindfold, Wrath walked around her back, positioned it over her eyes and tied it.

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