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Monday, March 31, 2008

Woot! I won an award :)

Actually, to get technical, a certain EXTREMELY talented cover artist named Sahara Kelly won an award for a cover she designed for moi. I'm so over-the-top thrilled for her! Big hugs to Sahara! You rock!

The winning cover:

Your book - Obsidian Mirror won a Third Place Cover award in the 2008 Winter N.O.R Awards for Best Paranormal Erotic Ebook Cover.

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Friday, March 28, 2008

What's Amazon Up To Now?

An author on one of my publisher's loops posted a link to this article this morning. I am wondering how far-reaching this is going to become. Telling POD Publishers - Let BookSurge Print Your Books, or Else...

For those who don't know about POD, there are more than two players in the printing of POD books. But today, we're going to talk about the following two: Lightning Source (owned by the distributor, Ingrams) is the largest. The smaller BookSurge is owned by

Recently, some publishers who use Lightning Source's POD services have reportedly received threats that if they don't switch to BookSurge, the "BUY" link on their books' pages would be removed, the books would no longer be available for purchase directly from Amazon, and would no longer qualify for free shipping.

True? Or a rumor? Read the article and make your own determination.

Contrary to what he stated at the very beginning of our conversation, Mr. Clifford finally admitted that books not converted to BookSurge would have the "buy" button turned off on, just as we'd heard from several other POD publishers who had similar conversations with Amazon/BookSurge representatives.

All I can say is that if this is indeed happening, then the major benefit I find in Amazon--the ability to purchase books that are otherwise extremely difficult to find elsewhere--will be completely lost. I guarantee I'd be visiting a whole lot less than I do now.

So much for the Amazon Vision Statement:
"Our vision is to be earth's most customer centric company; to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online."

What does the Mr. Clifford
(Amazon/BookSurge representative) suggest to authors whose publishers decided against switching to BookSurge?

Mr. Clifford said authors of those books could participate in the Advantage Program, meaning they would have to pay Amazon $29.95 per year PLUS 55% of the list price of their book, as well as buy and then send those books to Amazon directly for them to warehouse and ship to customers.
Eeeek! So now authors must write and promote their books, along with buying books from their publishers, and shipping them to Amazon?

At 55%, I would LOSE money with every copy that Amazon sold. I guarantee I won't be doing this. I couldn't afford to.

The bottom line: As readers and authors, we are in a pretty rotten position--stuck in the middle. I can speak with my wallet, but will my voice be enough?

The article's author, Angela, makes the following recommendations:

What can you do? Let Amazon know what you think about this "offer" by Amazon/BookSurge.

The names of their Officers and Directors are here:

Amazon's Investor Relations Team email address appears near the bottom of this page:

Their address is:, Inc.
P.O. Box 81226
Seattle, WA 98108-1226

Next, tell your author friends, your book buyers, your website visitors, your ezine subscribers and everyone else about this situation. was built on books. Books are written by authors. Unfortunately, it appears authors may ultimately be the innocent pawns in this power struggle.

Wicked-Hot Erotic Fiction

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Article about Polyamory

"Wedded to variety

POLYAMORY | One partner is not enough for those who practice 'responsible non-monogamy,' or multiple committed relationships"

It's been increasingly common to read stories about committed threesomes or moresomes in romance fiction, but how often do you hear about these kinds of complicated relationships in real life?

This article discusses some of the issues polyamorists face outside the fictional worlds we weave in our books. As a writer who has written stories about polyamorous relationships, I found it informative and inspiring.
Chicago Sun-Times

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Call for Submissions

permission granted to forward

Dear Writers,

We have great news at O&C! We have signed with a division of Penguin Publishing,
NAL, to publish the first Oysters & Chocolate Literary Anthology!

We are now seeking submissions for our erotic anthology. If you would like to
submit, please keep these things in mind:

- Submissions should be between 2,000 and 6,000 words.
- We are looking for stories that are light and sexy, with playful scenarios and
- Accepted submissions will have strong characterization - we want real characters
with pasts, presents and futures - they should be more than just bodies for the sex.
- Accepted submissions will have a strong sense of language with good dialogue.
- Accepted submissions will demonstrate the sexual creativity that has come to be a
trademark of O&C.

Please label your submissions in the subject line with "Anthology Submission"
followed by which of our four categories you are submitting for: Vanilla, Dirty
Martini, Licorice Whips or All About the Oysters. For example, if you are submitting
a Vanilla story, your submission will read "Anthology Submission: Vanilla." Please
both send your story as a word attachment, and copy and paste your story into the
body of the email. Include a brief bio as well as any publishing credits you have.
Email your submission to

You may submit up to four entries for the anthology. Deadline for these submissions
is April 20th - however, the sooner we receive your submission the better!

We anticipate buying the rights to your story for $100 and a complimentary copy of
the anthology. You will be paid when the manuscript of the anthology is created,
which we hope to have done in June of 2008.

Thanks so much, we look forward to hearing from you! And as always, let us know if you have an questions or concerns.

Jordan & Samantha

This message was sent by: Jordan and Samantha, 1630A 30th Street #353, Boulder, CO

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Pimping more Divas!

For those who don't know, there is a HUGE pool of amazing talent at the Romance Divas. So I'm always thrilled to help fellow Divas promote their new releases. Seriously. There are some wonderful books being written by my Diva friends.

Check out these two:

By Rose Middleton

When the love you’ve been searching for has been there all along…

Determined and driven, scientist Maggie Walker is used to getting what she wants—except when it comes to love. Ever since her best friend, Jack, gave her that first embarrassingly disastrous kiss at age fifteen she’s yearned for a second chance to show him that they could be so much more.

Now Jack is a jet-setting freelance photographer with an enviable lifestyle. For years he’s been travelling around the world to exotic locations, but when he comes home to Melbourne Maggie’s always been able to count on him to be the same dependable, predictable Jack…but not this time.

From the moment Jack’s plane lands he begins to see Maggie, the one person in his life he’s always been sure of, in a different light. Could it just be that for the first time in a long time both Jack and Maggie are single? Possibly, although it seems to be more than that. Something unexpected has happened, something that’s awakened long ignored desires and hidden passions, something that can’t be ignored. This time there’s no denying it, there’s Something About Maggie…

Available April 1, 2008 from Linden Bay Romance

Read an excerpt

She believed the man didn't matter as long as he said yes - until the wrong man vowed to love her beneath....

All the Trees in Pearl
by Emily Ryan-Davis

Available March 21 at Ellora's Cave

Signed and paid for by one brother.

Ethan Carver didn’t order a wife, but he couldn’t turn away from Margaret Redde’s lush mouth and proper manners. Could he keep up his brother’s deception and make her stay?

Set on fire by the other.

She wanted security and didn’t care where it came from - one brother was as good as the other - until Ethan touched her. One night in his arms changed everything. His hot kisses sent her up in flames and taught her desires she didn’t know she possessed.

Read an excerpt today!

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Sad News for Readers and Authors

Extracted from THIS ARTICLE,

Borders Group Inc., the second-largest bookstore chain in the United States after Barnes & Noble Inc., announced today that it will be exploring strategic alternatives, including the sale of the company or its divisions in order to maximize shareholder value, according to a statement released to PR Newswire...Borders has been facing stiff competition, not only from brick-and-mortar rivals like Barnes & Noble, but online retailers as well, such as and Wal-Mart.
It's not news to me that Borders has been having some financial problems. Shortly after acquiring Waldenbooks, the company closed dozens of stores (don't have the exact number handy), and yet rumors of financial strain continued. Publishers were reporting huge numbers of books returned for credit in 2007, in some cases, books ordered a year earlier that had never reached store shelves.

I've even heard rumors that these returns, sent for credit against overdue invoices, played a role in one small press's demise.

One of the key strategies Borders plans on employing is reducing the number of titles stocked in stores and facing more out on shelves to increase visibility.

What does this mean to me?

As a reader, I love Borders because it is the one big-box chain that carries titles published by smaller (independent) presses. Not to mention, there's a gorgeous new Borders right down the street from my house, the only bookstore in my town.

As a writer who relies upon sales of books that have been published by inde houses like Samhain and Ellora's Cave, it's disheartening to hear that one of the most supportive distribution outlets in the market is going to reduce inventory, carry fewer titles and perhaps close yet more stores. I expect Borders will reduce the number of small press books and instead concentrate on bestsellers published by established houses. Customers who once could go to their local Borders for their weekly fix of Ellora's Cave or Samhain titles will be forced to either buy books directly from publishers or via online retailers (Amazon).

Quite a coup for Amazon, I imagine.

Want to read more? Check out the Reuters report HERE.

Okay, so that's enough of the doom and gloom. Donning my Easter Bunny ears to wish everyone a Happy Easter!

Wicked-Hot Erotic Fiction

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things that make this spring special...Tawny Taylor

1. Longer days and more sunlight.
2. Fresh spring-scented air
3. Open windows!
4. Cropped pants and cute spring jackets
5. Sandals and cute shoes with no socks
6. Being able to chase the kids outside to play
7. Dressing my little girl in cute spring dresses (when she lets me)
8. My first Aphrodisia release, Dark Master
9. The Romantic Times conference! Costumes and workshops and dinners with friends I only see once a year.
10. My youngest child turning four.
11. My first grandchild's first birthday is just around the corner
12. No scraping five inches of ice off the car!
13. The world going from dirty gray to lush and colorful. Grass. Flowers. Leaves on trees.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Covers, The Good, The Bad, and the Oh-So-Right

Last night, I attended my first ever RWA chapter meeting. What a great night! This was my local chapter, Greater Detroit RWA. I tagged along with my friends who write as Violet (Velvet) Summers so I could cheer when she/they received their First Sale Rose (woot!). An added bonus, the special guest was none other than Raelene Gorlinsky, Publisher, Ellora's Cave.

Raelene gave a terrific presentation on cover art. What was interesting was her perspective, coming from a publisher's POV, versus that of an author's. Her definition of a "Bad" cover was interesting, in some ways in direct conflict with an author's definition. For example, many authors (and some readers) are annoyed by covers displaying characters with the wrong colored hair or nationality.

For instance, my very book with Ellora's Cave, Tempting Fate.

The cover is very nice. It says Sexy Contemporary Romance, doesn't it? Sure! It also says Steamy Office Romance, too. Which is totally appropriate.

But take a look at the heroine. Does she look like a red-headed Irish woman? No, not so much.

Now, when I received this cover, I was brand spanking new. I made not a peep about the dark haired woman masquerading as my Irish heroine. I pick my battles, LOL. Has that cover hurt sales of my book? Probably not. Has that cover hurt sales of my future books? Nope. No harm, no foul, as they say. This is a good cover, despite the inconsistency.

Now, let's take a look at another one of my covers. This is my first Kensington paranormal romance, Sex and the Single Ghost.

This is a super-cute cover. Nice and bright and sassy. The characters are obviously young. It says Chick Lit, to me. Or maybe even YA. And I don't think I'm the only one who sees that when they look at this cover.

I worked in a bookstore for a little over a year. When people picked it up, they said things like, "This looks cute." Or "I could buy this for my high school-aged daughter to read." They're expecting a light, sassy, funny read.

In some respects, they're going to get what the expect. There are parts that are sassy and funny.

But in others ways, the reader is in for a BIG surprise.

Would you ever guess there are elements of horror in this book? And BDSM? It's not all cute shoes and snark. It's an erotic romance.

The minute I received my first review, "A large chunk of this story reads like a rather typical erotic romance with mild BDSM." I knew I was in trouble. Obviously, the reviewer wasn't prepared for the story she'd found inside that cover.

Now what?

I'm a new Kensington author. For those who don't know anything about the business, new authors generally have no input into covers, and once they're done and the book is been printed, there's absolutely nothing that can be changed. In other words...I've got to live with it.

I love my publisher. I certainly don't want to make waves. Instead, I want to make this work for me, somehow.

So, what did I do?

I wrote the following and posted it everywhere I could, including Amazon,
Since the cover of this book looks so different from my other covers, I thought I'd give you, the potential reader, an idea of what this book is about.

First, understand that I write erotic romance. My books are funny, and I believe the cover gives readers that impression. But they're also sexy, with graphic sex scenes and mild bondage.

If you enjoy funny, super-sexy stories, a typical Tawny Taylor--or erotic tales with a bit of mystery--you're bound to love this one ( pun intended).

In summary, Sex and the Single Ghost is about a dead woman, Claire, who comes back to life to solve the mystery of her death and do a random good deed or two for a stranger. And since there's no sex in Purgatory, where she's been awaiting this big once-in-nine-years chance, she's looking to take full advantage of nine long nights with her ex-flame, Jake.

So, that's it. The story behind the cover."

Was that enough? Could I do more to take advantage of what I think is a misleading cover? Absolutely. My poor book hasn't hit in bestseller lists. I'm open to suggestions! I mean, if Christina Dodd can become known as the writer of the three-armed-woman book, there's got to be something I can do, right?

Tawny Taylor, the author of the YA BDSM book. *groan* Help me out here, folks.

Oh! How about Sex and the Single Ghost, Finally, an erotic book with a kid-friendly cover. Read at baseball games, the park, or doctor's office waiting rooms...No one will ever guess what you're reading...

Yes? No?

Maybe we'd better take a look at some Oh-So-Right covers.

Animal Urges is one of my strongest selling series at EC, and I attribute the sales to the covers. I love, love, love this cover. It says sexy men and science. It accurately reflects the book's tone and genre. And it's just yummy to look at.

Dark Master is my first Aphrodisia release. And this cover is just PERFECT. It says Erotic Romance. And I think the image even hints at the BDSM.

This cover most definitely falls into the Oh-So-Right category.

So, now you've seen my covers, the good, the bad and the oh-so-right. Readers, authors, what are your favorite covers? Or what covers do you feel totally mislead the customer, promising a very different kind of story than what's inside? Among Raelene's examples, she included a historical vampire that boasted an adorable contemporary-looking illustrated cover (I'm trying to remember the title of that book). Let's have some fun, talking about covers.

Wicked-Hot Erotic Fiction

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Celebrating with some friends

Several friends are releasing new books this week, a couple of them for the very first time (Violet Summers is a writing team). Please check out their books. They're all amazing authors.

Carrie's Answer
Violet Summers
ISBN 978-1-59578-429-2

Carrie Anderson has loved her boss, Marcus Worthington, forever, but Marcus has never seen her as anything other than a trusted employee. Marcus, on the other hand, has given up on love after his malicious ex-wife dragged his name through the mud, exposing him to the public as a sexual Dom, nearly destroying his company and family in the process.

When Marcus sees Carrie at a local BDSM-themed club, he suddenly sees her in a different light. Uncomfortable with his intense desire for her, he decides the best course of action is to remove her from his life by firing her, but Carrie won’t give him up without a fight. Since Marcus can’t fire her without cause according to her contract, Carrie makes a deal with him: he must spend the weekend with her, training her to be a sexual submissive. If, at the end of the weekend he still wants her to go, she will resign without argument. The two plunge into a passionate weekend affair that changes them both forever. Can Carrie walk away at the end of two days? Can Marcus learn to trust enough to make her stay? This contemporary erotic romance features ménage, a Big Beautiful heroine, and elements of BDSM, oral, anal, ménage.

Read An Excerpt Here

Book Length: Full Length

She believed the man didn't matter as long as he said yes - until the wrong man vowed to love her beneath....

All the Trees in Pearl
by Emily Ryan-Davis

Available March 21 at Ellora's Cave

Signed and paid for by one brother.

Ethan Carver didn’t order a wife, but he couldn’t turn away from Margaret Redde’s lush mouth and proper manners. Could he keep up his brother’s deception and make her stay?

Set on fire by the other.

She wanted security and didn’t care where it came from - one brother was as good as the other - until Ethan touched her. One night in his arms changed everything. His hot kisses sent her up in flames and taught her desires she didn’t know she possessed.

Read an excerpt today!

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Everyone's wearing green today. I WISH there was some green outside to look at too. But alas, winter is still refusing to leave. I am more than ready for spring now; I'm beyond ready. I'm (stubbornly) wearing spring jackets (freezing my butt off), thinking it's gotta warm up one of these days. Right?

Anyway, here's hoping everyone has a wonderful St. Patty's Day, maybe enjoy a little luck of the Irish (or just a glass of green beer)!

An Irish Toast (from Island Ireland)

Saint Patrick was a gentleman,
Who through strategy and stealth,
Drove all the snakes from Ireland,
Here’s a toasting to his health.
But not too many toastings
Lest you lose yourself and then
Forget the good Saint Patrick
And see all those snakes again.

'Beannachtam na Feile Padraig!'
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Wicked-Hot Erotic Fiction

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Friday, March 14, 2008


Popping in to wish everyone a great weekend! The hubby's dragging me to the other side of town to our niece's first birthday party. It'll be fun, I'm sure. I'm just not looking forward to the looooong drive with the kiddies.

"Are we there yet?"
"Are we there yet?"
"How much longer?"
"I need to go to the bathroom."
"My tummy hurts."

Writing-wise, I'm going to try to get some revisions done on my next Passion Unbound story, which is due to be turned in by the end of the month. It's going okay, but there's still a lot of work to do yet. And I need to brainstorm a new project for Ellora's Cave.

So many books to write, so little time to write them.

What are you up to this weekend?

Wicked-Hot Erotic Fiction

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Books in my TBR
Tawny Taylor

I haven't done one of these in a while.

My TT today: Thirteen Romance Diva books on my TBR pile (in no particular order...)

1. Eden Bradley, Hot Nights, Dark Desires (Bantam)
2. Jax Cassidy, The Lotus Blossom Chronicles (Parker Publishing)
3. Crystal Jordan, Treasured (Samhain)
4. Lillian Feisty, I Love Lacy (Ellora's Cave)
5. RG Alexander, Who Wants to Date a Superhero? (Ellora's Cave)
6. Sasha White, Wicked (Berkley)
7. Jennifer Colgan, Unleashed (Amber Heat)
8. Fae Sutherland, Exceptions to the Rule (Ellora's Cave)
9. Dawn Halliday, Sins of the Knight (Ellora's Cave)
10. Portia DaCosta, Gothic Heat (Virgin Black Lace)
11. Natasha Moore, The Ride of Her Life (Samhain)
12. Jennifer Leeland, Taking Command (Liquid Silver)
13. Dayna Hart, Go Between (Samhain)

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What Am I Reading Right Now?

Just finished:

The Mask She Wears by Jennifer Leeland.


n the BDSM lifestyle, Catherine Lanyard is an extreme submissive with serious baggage. For years, she’s avoided her pain and hidden dark secrets. Now, an experienced Dom has broken through her barriers and forced her to face her fear. Sex was always a give and take for Justin Travers. He’d always kept his “lifestyle” practices separate from real life. But when Catherine blurs that boundary, he must decide what he really wants.

There's a reason why this book is getting rave reviews. It's a short, intense read. Highly recommended!

Just started:

Last Wolf Standing by Rhyannon Byrd.

Five seconds earlier, Mason Dillinger would have sworn it could never happen…

That a woman who was his perfect match even existed. And that he'd find her in a bustling café. Yet just the scent of sweet, mortal Torrance Watson ignited a driving, explosive need to claim her that he knew his pack would never sanction. Worse, the rogue werewolf he'd been hunting had sensed that attraction and made Torry his prey. Forced to safeguard her from this ruthless assassin, who already posed a threat to his pack, Mason now faced the ultimate challenge. Did he have the courage to cross the line by sealing the blood bond that would make Torry his alone—a disloyalty few of his kind ever survived—or would he live an eternity without love?

I'm only one chapter in but really liking it already. Rhyannon's writing is a unique blend of lush description and snappy dialogue.

So, what're you reading right now? Is it working for you, or not? Why?

Wicked-Hot Erotic Fiction

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's Tuesday...

This week on Divas of the Dark, I'm blogging about emotional themes in books.

Wicked-Hot Erotic Fiction

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Friday, March 07, 2008

Good and bad, such is life...

What a crazy couple of days. First, the bad part. My little girl is sick with the flu. The poor thing is so miserable, and I feel so helpless. I hate, hate, hate it when my kids are sick. I'm holding my breath, crossing fingers, and praying to God that the other kids don't catch the nasty bug she has.

Now the better part. I've had a little burst of kind-of good news. Nothing super great, like signing with a new agent or getting another big contract. But stuff that is still very cool.

1. I discovered (via google) that I am now significant enough to warrant a page on The One and Only Wikipedia. To me this is something of a big deal because there aren't many authors who haven't hit the NYT list on Wiki. Here's my page.

2. I learned this morning (Google Alert is so cool!) that I was listed in a reader interview as a favorite/auto-buy author. My name's listed with such notables as Erin McCarthy, Dorothy Garlock, Charlaine Harris, and Nora Roberts! Squee! Big hugs to Cindy from Tennessee!

3. I was informed this morning that the cover for Obsidian Mirror is up for vote for favorite cover of the year at Night Owl Romance! Please, please, please vote for my book. It would mean so much to me and my talented cover artist, Sahara Kelly! NOR Awards

4. Oh, and of course, there is my new release at Ellora's Cave, Double Take. A new release is ALWAYS worth celebrating.

So, that's it for me. The Good and the bad.

What about you? Have you received any good news lately? Want to share? Big or small. I'm all about celebrating. But I also give a good cyber-hug if you've had some bad news. Don't be shy.

Wicked-Hot Erotic Fiction

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Available Now!

Double Take
Tawny Taylor
(BDSM/Menage a trois/Gay)

Fallon dreamed of a dominant lover for years. Giving it all to a man who can master her sexually. What she never imagined was not one, but two dominant lovers, determined to make her wildest sexual dreams a reality. But perfect lips and to-die-for bodies aside, the identities behind her new Masters’ masks aren’t the only secret they’re keeping.

As Fallon is pulled further into the erotic web they weave, she realizes that being submissive to two dominant men isn’t just about the sensations they can rouse in her, but the emotions they unleash.

The biggest surprise is yet to come, the one that can either set her free to share a love and a life she never dreamed possible, or break her heart forever.

Read an excerpt/Buy

Wicked-Hot Erotic Fiction

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

It's Tuesday, again.

I'm blogging over at Divas of the Dark.

Come check out my post, leave a comment.


Wicked-Hot Erotic Fiction

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Monday, March 03, 2008

I Lurve Author Swag!

For those of you who don't know, I'm getting things ready for this year's Romantic Times conference in April. (That's next month! Yikes! *panicked spasm*)

Along with the costume stuff I'm preparing, I also need to make up some freebie giveaway goodies. In past years, I've given away bookmarks and postcards, pens, small tote bags, cute makeup mirrors, and finally homemade excerpt booklets. Off all the goodies I've bought (and spent oodles of money on), the most popular of them all were the excerpt booklets. They just flew off the table.

As a reader and romance novelist fangirl, I'm not fussy. I greedily go along the tables and grab up all the goodies that catch my eye. I love pens and will hold onto them until they dry up. But I also love bookmarks, anything with candy attached, lip balm, and pins/buttons (they adorn my tote bag). Magnets hide my butt-ugly file cabinet and my not-so-ugly refrigerator. And I use the rubber jar opener almost daily. My hands thank the author who brought those!

What about you? What are your fave conference goodies?

Wicked-Hot Erotic Fiction

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