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Friday, March 07, 2008

Good and bad, such is life...

What a crazy couple of days. First, the bad part. My little girl is sick with the flu. The poor thing is so miserable, and I feel so helpless. I hate, hate, hate it when my kids are sick. I'm holding my breath, crossing fingers, and praying to God that the other kids don't catch the nasty bug she has.

Now the better part. I've had a little burst of kind-of good news. Nothing super great, like signing with a new agent or getting another big contract. But stuff that is still very cool.

1. I discovered (via google) that I am now significant enough to warrant a page on The One and Only Wikipedia. To me this is something of a big deal because there aren't many authors who haven't hit the NYT list on Wiki. Here's my page.

2. I learned this morning (Google Alert is so cool!) that I was listed in a reader interview as a favorite/auto-buy author. My name's listed with such notables as Erin McCarthy, Dorothy Garlock, Charlaine Harris, and Nora Roberts! Squee! Big hugs to Cindy from Tennessee!

3. I was informed this morning that the cover for Obsidian Mirror is up for vote for favorite cover of the year at Night Owl Romance! Please, please, please vote for my book. It would mean so much to me and my talented cover artist, Sahara Kelly! NOR Awards

4. Oh, and of course, there is my new release at Ellora's Cave, Double Take. A new release is ALWAYS worth celebrating.

So, that's it for me. The Good and the bad.

What about you? Have you received any good news lately? Want to share? Big or small. I'm all about celebrating. But I also give a good cyber-hug if you've had some bad news. Don't be shy.

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