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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What Am I Reading Right Now?

Just finished:

The Mask She Wears by Jennifer Leeland.


n the BDSM lifestyle, Catherine Lanyard is an extreme submissive with serious baggage. For years, she’s avoided her pain and hidden dark secrets. Now, an experienced Dom has broken through her barriers and forced her to face her fear. Sex was always a give and take for Justin Travers. He’d always kept his “lifestyle” practices separate from real life. But when Catherine blurs that boundary, he must decide what he really wants.

There's a reason why this book is getting rave reviews. It's a short, intense read. Highly recommended!

Just started:

Last Wolf Standing by Rhyannon Byrd.

Five seconds earlier, Mason Dillinger would have sworn it could never happen…

That a woman who was his perfect match even existed. And that he'd find her in a bustling café. Yet just the scent of sweet, mortal Torrance Watson ignited a driving, explosive need to claim her that he knew his pack would never sanction. Worse, the rogue werewolf he'd been hunting had sensed that attraction and made Torry his prey. Forced to safeguard her from this ruthless assassin, who already posed a threat to his pack, Mason now faced the ultimate challenge. Did he have the courage to cross the line by sealing the blood bond that would make Torry his alone—a disloyalty few of his kind ever survived—or would he live an eternity without love?

I'm only one chapter in but really liking it already. Rhyannon's writing is a unique blend of lush description and snappy dialogue.

So, what're you reading right now? Is it working for you, or not? Why?

Wicked-Hot Erotic Fiction

posted by Tawny Taylor at 8:54 AM |


Commented by Blogger Jennifer McKenzie:

WOW!!!! Thank you so much Tawny. From you, that's a HUGE compliment.

3:25 PM 

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