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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Let's Get Silly

This morning, I eagerly clicked to the EC editors' blog, knowing they were blogging today about some were-critters that they'd like to see in stories. It's a total joke. Hilarious!

I thought I'd add a few to the list, just because I think it'll be fun cooking up some bizarre were-critters. So, I'm going to unleash the imagination (scary, I know) and see what I can cook up. Be prepared, I'm going for the weirdest, freakiest were-creatures I can think up. If you're squeamish, READ NO FURTHER.

Here are my four weird were-creatures, in descending order, based on how they push my personal ick-buttons :)

4. Were-porcupine. Once we get past that whole gross pee-thing, the male porcupine is ready, willing and able to service the insatiable female for as many hours as she wants, until he is thoroughly exhausted. Now that's impressive.

3. Were-dolphin. I was surprised to learn that the male dolphin's penis is not only retractable but also prehensile and swivels. He can use that appendage almost like a hand. OMG. Think of the possibilities!

2. Were-garter snake. First, the males have not one but two penises. An extra is always a good thing :) And secondly, they're known for having freaky group sex. Hundreds of male snakes will gather around a female. She gets her pick of the bunch.

1. Were-flatworms. Not only do they all possess both male and female sex organs (imagine the possibilities when you're writing a menage sex scene!) but they also battle with their penises. Seriously. Those bad boys are weapons.

Did you get through my list? LOL Have any others to add to my disturbing list?

BTW, the source for all my bizarre animal facts is THIS SITE.

Dark Master, April 29th, Kensington
Wicked-Hot Erotic Fiction

posted by Tawny Taylor at 11:08 AM |


Commented by Anonymous Emily Ryan-Davis:

Tawny, I had no idea you were such a freak behind those batting eyelashes ;)

11:56 PM 

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