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Friday, April 04, 2008

Yay! Starting the weekend off with a bang!

I just received word that my newest paranormal romance novel, PRINCE OF FIRE, has found a home. Samhain Publishing will be releasing the novel in ebook format sometime in early 2009! And-- another bit of good news--this book will go into print sometime after that.

You have NO IDEA how excited I am about this story.
The world is cool.
The heroine is brave and smart.
And the hero...two words. Tortured. Alpha. (YUM!)

Here's a little blurby thing. It's not the best. It's more of a teaser, but it's all I've got for now :)

He is the Black Phoenix, blessed with the power of rejuvenation, charged with the duty to protect the innocent, and damned to an eternity of isolation.

She is the broken woman he must die to save.

Together, can they unleash the power of love...and find salvation?


Yes, sadly, that's all I can share for now. But as soon as I have more details about PRINCE OF FIRE, I'll post more. I promise!

DARK MASTER, April 29, Kensington
Wicked-Hot Erotic Fiction

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