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Saturday, May 10, 2008

BelleBooks Inc. Launches New Imprint

From Bell Bridge Books blog:

Debra Dixon here, Publisher for BelleBooks, Inc. We're an established advance and royalty paying publisher. Been around about 9 years.

We're opening a new imprint for fantasy, dark fantasy, urban fantasy. Because this is new for us and not the normal fiction we have in our list, we'll do this under a new imprint--Bell Bridge Books

Some of you may have seen me speak at DragonCon over the years in the Writer's Track. It's always a zoo there but I'm normally on multiple panels and occasionally do workshops on-- GMC: Goal, Motivation and Conflict or Hero's Journey.

But back to you. The slots are few. We'll be picky, but you are invited to send a query letter regarding FINISHED and previous unpublished manuscripts. Advances will be small, but there will be advances.

At the moment we don't even have the new website up for the fantasy imprint, so just send your queries to:

BelleBooks @

Please do pass this invitation along to other writers who might be interested.

--Debra Dixon

I love the romance genre, including romance/fantasy, But that's not what we're looking for here at Bell Bridge. There are so many fine publishers covering the romance angle; what we hope to do, instead, is explore edgier, darker, more mainstream themes.

Bell Bridge will be a place to pull out all the stops and dare to think outside the box. Other than that guideline, we're flexible. We're happy to take a look at any type of fantasy submission (except fantasy with a primary romance theme.) We prefer shorter, not longer books. By "not longer" I mean anything much over 100,000 words. Since we're definitely interested in developing series, that mongo-big manuscript you want to send might work for us if you divide it into two novels. Just saying.

We plan to publish all Bell Bridge titles in both ebook and POD formats. We sell our current ebook editions via but will soon be adding the Amazon Kindle format to the mix. Our POD partner is Lighting Source, a division of the giant wholesaler, Ingram Books. If you've ever seen a book printed by Lightning Source --which produces POD editions for some of the biggest publishers in the world -- you know that the finished book is a very high-quality product. Nothing "quickie" about the look. These are editions all authors and publishers can present proudly to their readers.

In addition, select Bell Bridge titles may be produced as audio books. BelleBooks Audio is just in its start-up phase; we hope to launch five audiobooks (from existing BelleBooks titles) by this fall, with more to come.

We are only accepting queries and manuscripts by email these days. I welcome the chance to talk to authors about their projects. Send me your queries at or debbsmith

Welcome to Bell Bridge! Our motto is going to be: "Great fiction. Any place. Any where. Any time. Come with."

Deb Smith

Sounds fabulous! And check out the sample covers they've posted. Absolutely gorgeous. I'm anxious to see how successful this imprint becomes.

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