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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

An Excerpt from WANTON NIGHTS

Kaitlin Doyle had devoured many a steamy romance novel -- bondage
stories, ménage stories, stories about vampires and warriors and
werewolves. But her all-time favorite was Her Dark Knights. The
heroes, Cayne and Ronan, were fallen angels. Demons! Who would have
ever thought that she'd find evil beings so freaking sexy? Or that
she'd fantasize about being possessed by two darkly seductive Masters?
But still, that was just fantasy. Her naughty little secret. It could
never happen in real life.

Then again, maybe it could…

One minute she's sleeping in her bed, the next she's dragged into the
world of her favorite author's imagination. And those sinfully
gorgeous fallen angels are about to make her darkest fantasies
reality. She'd never dreamed it was possible, that she could surrender
to her secret desires.

Ohhhh, the wanton pleasure…

Kaitlin woke up to a soft caress. A man's hands gently lifted her hair
off her neck and massaged her shoulders.

On her stomach, eyes closed, she smiled and just let herself wallow in
luxury for a few minutes. Whoever that was -- Cayne or Ronan -- he had
magical hands. Finally, she broke the silence. "I could get used to
this. Hmmm, that feels good."

"You'll be getting used to a lot of good things." It was Cayne's
voice, husky and sensual, barely above a whisper. "Time for your first
session. This way." His hands skimmed down one of her arms until he
reached her fingertips. He twined his fingers through hers and pulled.
"Are you still dizzy?"

"Not so much anymore." She swung her legs over the side of the bed,
slipped to her feet, and padded barefoot behind Cayne down the hall.
She was feeling pretty darn relaxed, until they reached $that room$.
She couldn't help hesitating at the door.

The dungeon was one scary place, and she was none too eager to go in
there. But Cayne shot her a look over his shoulder that told her she
wasn't going to avoid it, no matter what she did.

Resigned, she stepped over the threshold but went no further. Her
knees felt like Jell-O, kind of wiggly-jiggly and her heart was racing
at a zillion beats per second.

The equipment looked like torture devices. She certainly didn't
remember the heroine in that novel being tortured, at least not in a
bad way. One thing was for sure -- bondage stuff looked a whole lot
less sexy, and a whole lot more scary -- in real life, versus in the
pages of a book.

Cayne kicked a foot up on a piece of furniture that looked like a
weight bench made out of wood. "Before long, you'll come to look
forward to our daily sessions in here."


She wasn't sure how to feel about that, yet.

Cayne dropped his foot to the ground and headed for a shelf on the
wall, loaded with bondage stuff. "In this room, we will train you to
serve us. As our submissive. We will use various forms of reward and
punishment to shape your behavior."

Shape her behavior. Like a freaking dog.

Again, it sounded a whole helluva lot sexier in a book, in $the book
her captors had come from.

Wasn't it enough for her to deal with the possibility that she'd been
seized by fictional characters and dragged into their make-believe
world? Why did they have to push this on her too? It was too much, too

"Have you ever fantasized about being tied up? Dominated?" Cayne asked.

She shook her head. "Not before I read $Her Dark Knights$."

"Do you still remember the story?" Holding something in his hands, he
strolled toward her. His body was loose and relaxed, nonthreatening.
His eyes were much more intense. And his expression -- hungry lion on
the prowl. "Do you remember how it made you feel?"

"I'm… parts of it I remember. Others I've forgotten. I guess being
here is making me confused or something."

He stopped directly in front of her, and she saw up close what he'd
been holding. It was a whippy looking thingy with a thick handle and
dozens of long strands of animal fur.

Soft fur. That would probably feel pretty good gliding over her back.

"Do you remember reading about the heroine's first time in the
dungeon?" He combed through the strands, and she stared at his hand,
admiring his long, tapered fingers. They were strong, large masculine
hands, but also very attractive. A little quiver skittered up her
spine and tingly heat swept down her legs.

"Not the details. I remember getting to that part and not wanting to
stop. I also recall thinking it was exciting, in a strange way."

"Strange how?" He moved closer still, until the heat radiating off his
huge body filled the thin pocket of air between them. He raised the
end of that whip to her face, skimmed it down the side and then pushed
against her chin, forcing her head up until her gaze met his. "Tell
me, bride."

"I -- it's hard to explain."

"Let me try." Dropping the whip, he circled around her side, stopping
directly behind her. "You found the scene darkly sensual," he
whispered, his breath caressing her neck and giving rise to a full
coat of goose bumps. "Both a little uncomfortable but also very arousing."

"Yes, uncomfortable and arousing." She remembered now. She'd literally
felt like she was going to melt as she'd read that first bondage
scene. The book's character, the heroine, had been both scared and
turned on at the same time. That bizarre mix of emotions had totally
set her off. There'd been no way she could have put that book down
after that.

Strong fingers walked up her neck, over her scalp, rubbed her temples.
Mmmm, nice.

She closed her eyes, not totally at ease but getting closer. The
slight edge of apprehension still tugging at her insides made every
sensation -- Cayne's every touch and word -- more intense. More
sensual. "As you read, you imagined yourself in the character's place,
standing nervously, waiting to see what her new Master would do next.
It was sexy and exciting because you knew you were safe, that it was
only a book."

"Yes." She dragged in a deep breath.

"But now it's not just a book, and you're not so safe," he whispered
against her neck. His teeth grazed her skin, and she flinched, one
side of her body going tight. "The fear is real. But so is the
arousal." One of his hands smoothed around her body, stopping on her
abdomen, just below her breast. His fingers splayed and he gently
pulled her against him until her entire backside was crushed against
the hard bulk of his body.
Available from Changeling Press May 29!

posted by Tawny Taylor at 8:07 AM |


Commented by Blogger Crystal Jordan:

Nice excerpt, Tawny!

10:07 AM 
Commented by OpenID aliceaudrey:

Pretty risque. Thanks for sharing.

4:46 PM 
Commented by Blogger Susan Helene Gottfried:

What a cool concept.

8:27 PM 

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