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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It's Hump Day

Blog world's kind of quiet today. No crap is being slung...although a certain blogger's posting about a publisher who's gone MIA...who isn't MIA...or rather, is hiding behind a pseudonym, or two. It seems that's pretty common these days: people taking on a fake name, or two, or three. But I have no interest whatsoever in commenting on that.

Instead, I guess I'll talk about reality TV. Why not, right?

Last night, I watched the final episode of The Bachelor on my computer (yeah, I know, I was a day late) while simultaneously watching the Dancing with the Stars Semi Final results show.

First, I'm not convinced Matt from England picked the right girl. Time will tell. The guys on that show tend to get it wrong. Just look at the show's history. Not one couple yet has made it long term (strictly talking about The Bachelor, not The Bachelorette). So, why do I watch?!

Second, I was not shocked by the results on DWTS. Marissa is a doll, and she's quite the performer, but she wasn't at the same level as the other stars.

And third, I was absolutely floored by the teens who danced to Phantom of the Opera. OMG, if America doesn't vote for them, I'll be pissed. Cute kids are wonderful. I love cute kids as much as the next girl, but those teens are beyond great. They're extraordinarily talented.

Tonight, I'll be watching Farmer Wants a Wife. The show is cheesier than my kids' favorite snack foods, but it's plain fun. I can't resist watching a pack of princesses in stilettos chasing bulls and chickens, LOL. I'm sad to see Josie go, though. She was the princess to end all princesses. The girl wouldn't lift a hand, asked about maid service, and refused to leave without her parting gift. But she knew how to stir up the crap and get it flying, LOL. Smart girl. She knew how to get her camera time :)

Off to take the 3-year old to gymnastics. Later!

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