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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bodice rippers are my ultimate escape?

How I adore sanctimonious, prejudice statements like that.

Where'd I stumble upon this one? On the MSNBC network's Today blog. They slipped a one-question "unscientific" poll in the middle of chapter one of Danielle Steel's new book. The question itself seems simple enough--Do you read romance novels? But it's the response choices that steam my kettle.

A. "Bodice rippers are my ultimate escape." (I haven't read about a ripped bodice in years. I guess I'm reading the wrong books.)

B. "No way. I don't touch those books." (I heard you can get an STD by touching them. You know, like sitting on a public toilet. Seriously.)

Or for the reader who is too embarrassed to admit she has a whole room full of bookshelves crammed to capacity with those ridiculous "bodice rippers", but isn't in total denial...

C. "Sometimes, while on vacation or at the beach."

I mean, come on! Who wrote this (shit) poll?

But at least MSNBC's ignorance made for some fun reading this morning. Check out the Smart Bitches poll about NBC's poll. LOL

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