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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Cover Brag!

I just received the cover for Flesh to Flesh, the debut book in my new erotic series, Savage Garden, and all I can say is WOW! It's a work of art. Seriously.

Check it out.

In a savage garden dwells a dark magic…

In a matter of minutes, Dr. Noble Cavanaugh’s life is ruined. A stupid mistake costs an innocent woman her life and leaves her child an orphan. As she dies, she calls upon a powerful mage, demanding justice for Noble’s crime.

There are no police. No trial. No jury. Only the worst kind of punishment for the former doctor -- total isolation. From all human contact. From the world. From light and sound and touch. From life.

But once every year Noble is freed from his prison, and he spends three bittersweet days with his devoted partner and lover, Sayer Lyon. They touch. Laugh. And weep. And then at sunrise, he returns to his prison to wait another year for the fall equinox.

This is how it’s been for five years, and this is how it will be for many more. At least, that’s what Noble and Sayer both think.

This year things will be different.

In a savage garden lies a man’s only hope for redemption.


This book releases in the end of June, from Changeling Press. I can't wait! Not just because the cover art is amazing, but because I feel the story is very special. It's a short novella, but extremely emotionally intense. I'm anxious to see how readers respond to it.

To learn more about this book, click HERE.

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