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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Sneak Peek: Masters of Illusion

This book is coming out in ebook formats on July 16. My editor told me this opening scene sizzled her eyeballs, LOL. Sounds painful, but she assured me it's a *good* thing :)

BTW, just clarifying--there are no cowboys in this story. Sorry to disappoint, but the cover is a stock cover, being used for all July Ruby stories.


Masters of Illusion

by Tawny Taylor
Genre: BDSM/Gay/Menage
Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Illusion. A word shaded with nuance, making the men who practice it—the masters—enigmas. Particularly when they magically materialize from the shadows of a woman’s dark past.
It’s been fifteen years. No longer the tormented young men Blair knew and loved so long ago, Damon and Trey still know how to touch her heart, how to draw out her secrets, and how to bring her to the edge of ecstasy.
Blair has two weeks to unravel the mystery of the ruby and decide if the magic her seductive masters are wielding is real or illusion.
The answers to her questions are hidden within the facets of the ruby gifts she receives each night, the mysteries veiled by their illusions…and the dark desires burning in her body.

Reader advisory: This book contains scenes with same-gender sex, and references to child abuse.

*Warning: Scene contains male/male sexual contact*

Damon Butler dropped his head and closed his eyes, letting the decadent pleasure of his lover’s cock stretching and filling him, carry him away.

Oh yeah, so good. One slow inward thrust, followed by an equally slow and torturous withdrawal. Damn.

He’d been fucking Trey for years, and it was this magical every time. The guy knew exactly what Damon needed, how to bring him to the cusp of orgasm and then stop, slowly building the need inside until he came so hard the heat swirling in his belly blazed through every cell in his body.

Every single time he was sure he’d die from the pleasure.

“When I see Blair,” Trey murmured, digging his fingers into Damon’s shoulders, “I’m going to fuck her pussy just like this. Slow and deep at first, and then hard and fast like this…” Trey slowly amped up the pace of his thrusts, driving his thick rod deep into Damon’s hungry ass.

Damon’s legs, shoulders and back tightened as another jolt of erotic hunger licked up his spine. “Yeah. Fuck yes.” He could see her now in his mind’s eye. Blair’s pouty lips pursed, eyes closed, sweet face flushed as Trey’s cock pounded into her slick, tight passage.

His body rigid from the waves of heat simmering through his veins, Damon felt his mind being tugged out of the moment, into the past. But he fought the urge to sink into those memories, focusing on the sounds of skin striking skin, the delicious flavor of Trey’s kisses lingering on his tongue. The scent of Trey’s skin teasing his nostrils.

So close already.

Damon wrapped his fist around his cock and squeezed. “We’re both going to fuck her, at the same time. You’ll fill her sweet pussy. I’ll cram her ass full of my cock. She’ll be begging us for more.”
“Shit yeah. God, the thought of having her again makes me want to come.” Trey gripped Damon’s hips and drove into him harder, rougher, with a desperation Damon had never felt in him before.

Sensing Trey was on the verge of losing the self-control he always exercised so flawlessly, Damon pumped his cock faster, matching Trey’s almost frenzied pace.

This was good, better than good. They hadn’t seen Blair in years, yet she was already bringing something new and exciting to their relationship. They’d finally found her, after years of searching. He could hardly wait until she was there with them, lying beneath him, submitting.

Trey’s blistering hot, hard body bent over Damon’s, skin gliding over skin, short, panting breaths teasing Damon’s ear and making him hot and cold at the same time. Goose bumps sprung up all over his back, and he growled, tipping his hips, taking Trey’s dick as deep as he could. “We’re going to make it good for her. So good she’ll beg us to do it over and over again,” Damon vowed, meaning every word he uttered.

“Yeahhhh. Oh fuck.” Trey’s body stiffened. He groaned. “Too fast. Gotta stop.” Trey eased from Damon’s ass, leaving him achingly empty, charged up with sensual need and frustrated to the point of desperation.

Now that was a first. Trey’d been so close to losing control, he’d had to pull out. Damn, that was hot.

“No, dammit.” Damon sagged against the back of the couch. “I was so close.”

“Tell me how it’s going to be with Blair,” Trey whispered against Damon’s neck. “And fuck me while you tell me.”

His body like an overtightened spring ready to snap, Damon lubed up his cock then spread some lubricant over Trey’s anus. “She’s been looking for us too. Waiting. Hoping. It’s going to be even better than it was before. We’re all older now. We understand each other’s needs. We know how to give, not just take.” Damon eased into Trey’s ass, mesmerized by the sight of Trey’s back and shoulder muscles rippling and bulging as he moved into position.


“The magic we shared years ago with Blair, that wasn’t an illusion. It was real. And real magic never goes away. She still loves us as much as we love her.” Damon fell into a steady rhythm, his hips rocking back and forth, driving his rod up Trey’s tight ass. His mind filled with images from the past, memories of the many sweet moments the three of them had shared as teens. The first time he’d fucked Blair. The first time he’d watched Trey fuck her.

Their bond had been like nothing he’d experienced since. Three people who shared the same soul, same heart, same mind. When Blair had been ripped away from them, he and Trey had been left with a huge gaping wound that had never healed.

And then there was the physical part, the way their bodies had been made for each other. He loved fucking a man and being fucked. But he also craved the feeling of Blair’s soft, lush body beneath his. And Trey shared the same needs as he did, along with a deep-seated need to dominate. Both bisexual. Both active Doms in the BDSM scene. Both looking for the one submissive who would make their lives complete. And both still very much in love with one woman, their Blair.

His body reacted to Trey’s soft moans and the sensual memories. More simmering pleasure gathered in his gut. He pounded into Trey harder, faster, taking him the way he liked, needed.

“Yes, more. Don’t stop.”

Trey was just about there again. So was Damon.

“We’re going to give her everything we couldn’t then,” Trey vowed, sending more sparks flashing and flaring in Damon’s body. “She won’t say no. Right?”
“Not a chance.”

Three months. They’d been planning for tomorrow for three months. And that was after fifteen years of searching for her. She’d changed her last name, moved a few times, obviously running away from something. She wouldn’t run anymore. She wouldn’t need to. They’d take care of her, love her, protect her and cherish her, like they’d promised to do all those years ago.

Finally, they’d have their chance to make up for their failures.

Damon’s heart soared to the stars as his body was swept up in a vortex of carnal pleasure. “We don’t have to wait much longer. We’ll be together, complete. Happy.”

“Yes, happy,” Trey echoed on a moan.

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Now that one can make sweat pop out all over your!

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